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Guardian Apology over Gaza Photo for UK Anti-Semitism Story2019-February-08
When Anti-Semitism Pretends to Be Just Anti-Israel2019-February-08
As Arab Leaders Warm toward Israel and Jews, Are Arab Publics Following?2019-February-08
Anti-Semitic Incidents in UK at Record High for Third Year in a Row 2019-February-07
Trump: "We Must Never Ignore the Vile Poison of Anti-Semitism"2019-February-06
Attorney Elan Carr Tapped as U.S. Anti-Semitism Envoy2019-February-05
Israel: Dozens of Hamas, PFLP Members Hold Senior Positions in Pro-BDS NGOs2019-February-04
EAPPI: The World Council of Churches' Training Camp for Anti-Israel Advocacy2019-February-01
I Truly Thought that Anti-Semitism Was Over - I Was Wrong 2019-February-01
The Persistence of Anti-Semitism2019-February-01
International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019-January-28
Israel Expresses Disgust after Irish Boycott Vote2019-January-25
Lessons about Israel from British Parliamentary Debates2019-January-25
When Did It Become Acceptable to Be an Anti-Semite? 2019-January-25
Yes, Jeremy Corbyn IS Fuelling Anti-Semitism2019-January-25
Ilhan Omar and the Myth of Jewish Hypnosis 2019-January-22
How Jews Became "Too White, Too Powerful" for U.S. Progressive Activism2019-January-18
The Persistence of European Anti-Semitism 2019-January-18
Israel Blasts Malaysia for Refusing to Admit Its Paralympic Swimmers2019-January-18
Trudeau: I Will Continue to Condemn the BDS Movement2019-January-17
Switzerland to Examine Reports that Palestinian Textbooks Promote Violence, Racism2019-January-11
Israel Boycott Ban Is Not about Free Speech 2019-January-11
Scottish Labour MP Accused British Jewish Journalists of Working for Israel's Mossad 2019-January-11
Scotland's Jews Are Entitled to Feel Safe and Valued 2019-January-11
Yes, Anti-Zionism Is the Same as Anti-Semitism2019-January-10
BDS Bill Debate Is about Anti-Semitism, Not Speech 2019-January-09
BDS Is Anti-Semitic, Aids Terrorists, Says Arizona Attorney General2019-January-08
Now They Call Us "White Jews": A New American Anti-Semitism2018-December-28
Anti-Semitism Is Not Just Another Opinion. The New York Times Should Know Better.2018-December-28
A Closer Look at European Anti-Semitism 2018-December-28
Successes in the Fight Against Anti-Semitism 2018-December-28
Misrepresenting the Texas Anti-BDS Law 2018-December-21
Where Are the Jewish Women Who Helped Start the Women's March?2018-December-21
Why Anti-Zionism Is No Different from Anti-Semitism 2018-December-14
38% of Jews in Europe Are Thinking about Leaving2018-December-11
European Council Calls on All EU States to Adopt IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism2018-December-07
Our Common Responsibility to Confront Anti-Semitism2018-December-07
Campaign Against U.S.-Israel Police Programs Is the BDS Version of a Blood Libel2018-December-06
Vice President Pence: We Will Stand with Israel to Confront Those Who Seek War2018-December-03
Europe's Jew Hatred, and Ours2018-November-30
Israeli President: Anti-Semitism "Corrupts Society" 2018-November-30
Widespread Anti-Semitism Has Suppressed Jewish Life in Europe 2018-November-30
Anti-Semitism Is Alive and Kicking in Europe2018-November-28
Netanyahu: Anti-Semitism First Attacks the Jews, But It Never Stops with That2018-November-28
British Prime Minister Theresa May Launches Scathing Attack on Anti-Semitism2018-November-27
Airbnb's Ban on Israeli Communities in West Bank Is Shameful2018-November-23
Board of Deputies of British Jews Condemns Quakers' Israel Divestment Policy2018-November-22
Israeli-American Hacker Who Terrorized U.S. Jews with Bomb Threats Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail2018-November-22
Prime Minister Netanyahu: Anti-Zionism Is the New Anti-Semitism 2018-November-22
Author Yossi Klein Halevi: Denying Israel's Right to Exist Is Modern Anti-Semitism2018-November-19

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