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Dutch Plan to Reveal University Ties to Israel and Jews "Reeks of Anti-Semitism"2022-February-14
UK Protestors Who Chant Hamas Slogan "From the River to the Sea" Could Be Reported to Police2022-February-10
Anti-Jewish Hate Incidents Hit Record High in UK2022-February-10
2022 Survey on Anti-Semitism in France2022-February-10
Amnesty International Apartheid Report Slammed in South Africa for Extreme Bias2022-February-07
Want "Never Again" to Mean Something? Stop Iran's March to the Bomb2022-February-03
Whoopi Goldberg Isn't the Only One Who Doesn't Understand Anti-Semitism 2022-February-03
PA Reneges on Promise to Change Textbooks2022-January-31
What an Anti-Semite's Fantasy Says about Jewish Reality 2022-January-24
Going to Jewish Prayer Services in America Should Not Be an Act of Courage 2022-January-20
Why So Many People Still Don't Understand Anti-Semitism 2022-January-20
Muslim Professor Calls to Confront "Increasing Anti-Semitism" in Muslim Community2022-January-17
I Quit the BBC after 30 Years Because of Anti-Semitism 2022-January-06
New Report: EU Failing to Push PA on Terror Stipends, Incitement2021-December-23
The Anti-Semitism of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff at American Universities2021-December-23
Italy Enabled Palestinian Terrorists to Target Jews in Rome2021-December-13
UK Education Secretary: "Not Long Ago, 7,000 People Would Go to Work Every Day to Exterminate Jewish People in the Heart of Europe" 2021-December-09
The Israeli Government's Designation of Six Palestinian NGOs: A Reply to Critics2021-December-09
New York Times Misrepresents Palestinian Hatemonger2021-December-02
The Palestinian Jihad Against the Jews2021-December-02
New German Coalition Parties Vow to Defend Jews, Israel's Security 2021-November-29
Jewish Israelis Face Deadly Anti-Semitism Every Day2021-November-25
British Labour Party Leader: We Have to Root Out Anti-Zionist Anti-Semitism2021-November-18
Non-Jewish Zionists Must Speak Up for Israel 2021-November-18
Irish Cultural Boycott of Israel Feeds Anti-Semitism 2021-November-11
Vice President Kamala Harris: Singling Out Israel Is Anti-Semitism2021-November-08
How the Palestinians Stole the Suffering of Just About Everyone2021-November-04
Report: Anti-Semitism in America 20212021-October-28
Stop Enabling the Anti-Semites 2021-October-18
Elie Wiesel's Legacy Includes Unapologetic Zionism2021-October-14
Israel Foreign Ministry: Irish Author Impedes Peace2021-October-14
BDS Is All about Anti-Semitism2021-October-14
Jewish Groups Alarmed by Ethnic-Studies Bill in Massachusetts2021-October-11
EU Announces Moves to Fight Anti-Semitism while Bankrolling Palestinian Hatred of Jews2021-October-11
Is It Time to Say, "Who Cares"?2021-September-30
EU Commission Directorate Condemns Anti-Semitism in Palestinian Textbooks2021-September-13
Bad News and Good News about Anti-Semitism 2021-September-02
Poland Rejects Accusation that WWII Claims Law Is Anti-Semitic2021-August-16
Anti-Semitism Isn't Merely Another Kind of Hate 2021-August-12
How Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism Intersect 2021-August-02
UN-Paid Teachers Celebrate Deaths of Israelis2021-August-02
The Pitfalls of Palestinian Exceptionalism2021-July-29
Anti-Semitism Is Genuinely Unique among the World's Hatreds2021-July-29
Israel Condemns Ben and Jerry's Boycott Decision2021-July-22
Support for Hateful Palestinian Textbooks Undermines Fight Against Anti-Semitism 2021-July-15
Explosion of Anti-Semitism Raises Painful Questions 2021-July-15
I Resigned from the CUNY Union Because of Its Anti-Semitism 2021-July-15
Double Message, Double Standard: Institutions Abandoning the IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism Court Danger2021-July-15
Activists Gather in Washington to Protest the Rise of Anti-Semitism 2021-July-12
Some Progressive Activists Have an Anti-Semitism Problem 2021-July-12

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