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Iran Launches Rocket into Space, Nuclear Talks to Resume2022-June-27
U.S. Held Secret Meeting with Israeli, Arab Military Chiefs to Counter Iran Air Threat2022-June-27
The Abraham Accords and the Changing Shape of the Middle East2022-June-23
As Israelis, We Should Parade Proudly in Our Capital 2022-May-30
Gulf Arab Countries Copying Qatar in Hedging Against U.S. Power; Iran Is Thrilled2022-May-09
A New Approach to Quelling the Violence2022-April-28
Israel Increases Work Permit Quotas for Gazans 2022-March-28
The Changing Status of Israel's Closest Strategic Ally2022-March-28
A "Major Non-NATO Ally"?: For Decades, Qatar Has Supported Every Anti-American Islamic Terrorist Organization2022-February-21
Iranian Regime Denounces Soccer Star for Wearing Tiny Flags of All FIFA Members including Israel 2022-January-20
The UN's Final Solution to the Israel Question2022-January-13
Defiant in War and Isolation, Hamas Plays Long Game in Gaza 2021-December-30
Where Are Christians Persecuted in the Middle East?2021-December-23
The Abraham Accords - Who's Next?2021-December-23
Video: Today Saudi Arabia Is Part of the Solution2021-November-18
How Fares the New Palestinian City of Rawabi?2021-November-11
Hamas' Growing Role in Iran's Scheme to Encircle Israel 2021-November-11
Saudi Arabia Is No Longer a Kingdom of Hate 2021-October-21
Qatar Resumes Aid to Needy Gazans2021-September-20
Video: Today, Saudi Arabia Is Part of the Solution2021-September-13
Hamas in Gaza Wages Perilous Campaign of Harassing Israel2021-September-09
Israel Is No Goliath2021-September-09
Hamas Launches Incendiary Balloons into Israel, Cites Stalled Qatari Aid 2021-September-06
How Afghanistan Influences Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Iran's Approach to Israel 2021-August-26
Qatar, UN Reach Agreement on Aid Money for Gaza Families2021-August-23
Hamas Instigated Gaza Riots, Even after Deal on Qatari Funding2021-August-23
PA Delays Qatar Funding for Gaza over Payment of Hamas Salaries2021-August-09
PA, Qatar Reach Agreement on Transfer of Funds to Gaza2021-August-05
The Media in the 2021 Gaza War: The New York Times' Journalistic Malpractice2021-July-08
U.S. Shifts Bases from Qatar to Jordan 2021-July-05
Report: Israel, Hamas Reach Basic Ceasefire Deal through Egyptian Mediators2021-June-28
Israel to Allow Transfer of Qatari Funds to Gaza via UN 2021-June-21
A Shift in Israeli Policy toward Hamas?2021-June-17
The Abraham Accords Passed Their First Big Test 2021-June-10
Hamas and Islamic Jihad's Military Dependence on Iran2021-June-03
Blinken Dispatched to Middle East amid Israel-Gaza Truce 2021-May-25
In Latest Israel-Hamas Conflict, White House Avoided Publicly Clashing with Israel2021-May-24
An Open Letter to My Palestinian Brethren 2021-May-21
Former Israel Security Agency Head: No Return to Pre-War Understandings with Hamas 2021-May-19
Foreign Interference in the Palestinian Elections2021-March-22
The Washington Post Uses Bad Social Science to Push Anti-Israel Propaganda 2021-March-18
Arab Israeli Defends Israel on Vaccines at UN Human Rights Council2021-March-18
Qatar: Deal Reached to Supply Israeli Natural Gas to Gaza Power Plant2021-February-15
Hamas Envoy to Libya Attempted to Smuggle Missiles into Gaza 2021-February-11
Iran Is Actually in Distress, and That Needs to Be Exploited2021-January-11
Qatar, Saudi Arabia Set to End Feud that Hampered U.S. Interests 2021-January-07
Islamic State Continues to Threaten Syrian Regime 2020-December-24
The World Health Organization vs. Israel2020-November-19
Poll: Most Arabs Don't View Israel as Greatest Threat2020-November-16
Erdogan's Turkey Is Planning a New World Order2020-October-29

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