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Since America Won't Stop Christian Genocide, Israel Should2016-July-22
French Jews Organize for Self-Defense2016-July-12
UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Says He Regrets Calling Hamas and Hizbullah "Friends"2016-July-06
Israel and Brexit2016-June-28
Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism: Same Idea, New Cloak2016-June-20
Boycotting Israel Isn't Free Speech2016-June-14
Israeli Resilience2016-June-13
In Britain, Anti-Semitism Endures 2016-June-13
Islamic Fear of Zionism Is Irrational 2016-June-07
Comparing Israel to Nazis Is Anti-Semitic, 31 Western Nations Declare2016-June-03
Israel Fills UN Hall for Anti-BDS Conference2016-June-01
"Reservists on Duty" Fighting to Counter BDS2016-May-31
Poll: Third of American Students Say BDS Justified2016-May-31
Iran's Holocaust Denial Is Part of a Malevolent Strategy2016-May-30
Steven Spielberg Tells Harvard Grads: I Was Wrong to Think Anti-Semitism Was Fading2016-May-30
Lapid: World Health Organization Condemnation of Israel Is Anti-Semitism2016-May-27
UNESCO Head Condemns Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Contest2016-May-16
Kerry: We Must Stand Against Resurgent Anti-Semitism2016-May-05
British Policy, Jews and Israel2016-May-05
The World Is Forgetting the Holocaust2016-May-04
The Virus of Anti-Semitism Has Infected the British Muslim Community2016-May-03
Protect Israel from Its Enemies 2016-April-27
London Becomes a Leading Destination for French Jews After Attacks2016-April-25
Congressional Panel Queries U.S. Education Department on Campus Anti-Semitism2016-April-22
Anti-Zionism Is Indeed a Form of Anti-Semitism2016-April-22
American Jews and Israel's Security 2016-April-15
Palestinian Hostility to Israel Is Frequently Anti-Semitic2016-April-12
Real Rapprochement with Israel Requires Turkey to Tackle Anti-Semitism2016-April-11
Anti-Zionism Is the New Anti-Semitism 2016-April-04
Why More Ukrainian Jews Are Fleeing to Israel2016-April-01
Colleges Have Become Hypersensitive to Racial Prejudice. Why Not Anti-Semitism? 2016-April-01
President Rivlin: BDS Is Anti-Semitism2016-March-25
University of California Softens Anti-Semitism Statement2016-March-24
Israeli Apartheid Week May Be Coming to a Campus Near You2016-March-24
A UN Council for Terrorist Rights2016-March-22
British Justice Secretary Slams Israel Boycott: "BDS Campaign Indulges Prejudice"2016-March-16
Anti-Semitic Anti-Zionism2016-March-09
We Palestinians Hold the Key to a Better Future 2016-March-08
Palestinians to UN: Ban Settlers from Your Countries2016-March-02
Poll: Most Frenchmen Believe Jews Responsible for Rise in Anti-Semitism2016-February-19
"BDS Is Anti-Semitic"; "It Poisons the Atmosphere"2016-February-19
Majoring in Anti-Semitism at Vassar 2016-February-19
Britain Bans Public-Sector Boycotts of Israel2016-February-18
Jews Know that a Boycott Is Just the Beginning2016-February-18
Israel Calls on World Nations to Regulate Anti-Semitism in Social Media 2016-February-16
The Holocaust as "White on White Crime" and Other Signs of Intellectual Decay2016-February-10
The Moral Relativism of the United Nations2016-February-05
Does "Occupation" Justify Terrorism?2016-February-04
Anti-Israel Protest at Chicago LGBTQ Conference Was About Shutting Down Debate and Attacking Jews 2016-February-01
International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Jews Are Once Again Being Targeted Just for Being Jews2016-January-28

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