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Worrying Signals from Europe 2015-May-28
Obama Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal, Anguishes about Israel 2015-May-22
Netanyahu: Israel Is the Focus of Modern Anti-Semitism2015-May-13
"International Community Should Criminalize Double Standards Against Israel as Anti-Semitism"2015-May-13
Draft International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Anti-Semitism 2015-May-11
Anti-Semitism on American College Campuses Is Worsening 2015-May-08
Legitimizing Iran's Exterminationist Anti-Semitism2015-April-17
The Iran Deal and Anti-Semitism 2015-April-09
Anti-Semitism in U.S. Spikes after Nearly a Decade of Decline2015-April-03
The Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism 2015-March-27
European Jews "Bankrupted" by Security Costs2015-March-18
Poll: More than Half of Jewish Students Report Campus Anti-Semitism 2015-February-25
Parliamentary Report Said Britain Must Take "Urgent Action" to Address "Disturbing Rise" in Anti-Semitism 2015-February-20
Europe's New Terrorist Normal2015-February-16
A "Creeping Cultural Acceptance" of Anti-Semitism Is Sweeping Britain, Warns Cabinet Minister2015-February-13
UNESCO Head Nixes "Offensive" Palestine Poster Collection for World Heritage List2015-February-06
Anti-Semitism in Europe Isn't about Israel 2015-February-05
Do We Really Mean "Never Again"?2015-January-30
Israel Says Turkish Criticism Inappropriate at Holocaust Memorial Service2015-January-29
On Auschwitz Anniversary, Leader Warns Jews Again Targets2015-January-28
UN Hosts First Ever Meeting Dedicated to Combating Anti-Semitism2015-January-23
Israel Calls on Europe: Take a Stand Against Anti-Semitism2015-January-23
Canada's Foreign Minister: The Way to a Palestinian State Is through Dialogue with Israel2015-January-23
Even If the Palestinians Were Granted a State, Anti-Semitism Would Not Dissipate One Iota2015-January-23
Why Won't Europe Acknowledge the Grave Threat to Its Jews?2015-January-20
Anti-Semitism Is Never Solely about the Jews2015-January-19
Somewhere between the Holocaust and 2015 It Became OK to Blame Jews Again2015-January-16
U.S. Worried by "Rising Tide" of European Anti-Semitism2015-January-14
Poll: British Jews Fear Future in Europe2015-January-14
Iran Should Confront Its Own Racism 2015-January-02
French Town Must Remove Plaque Honoring Palestinian Terrorist2014-December-24
BBC Chief: Anti-Semitism Makes Me Question Jews' Future in UK2014-December-24
Why Do We Keep Saying It's Not Anti-Semitic? 2014-November-28
European Jewish Congress Calls on European Leaders to Condition Aid to the Palestinians on Ending Incitement2014-November-19
U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power Issues Warning on Anti-Semitism in Europe 2014-November-17
How Islam Has Been Hijacked2014-October-31
Europe's Alarming New Anti-Semitism2014-October-08
Netanyahu to Indian Prime Minister Modi: "On Ties with India, the Sky Is the Limit"2014-September-29
Prime Minister Netanyahu's Rosh Hashanah Greeting to Jewish Communities Around the World2014-September-24
Does Human Rights Watch Understand the Nature of Prejudice?2014-September-23
Yale Chaplain Who Blamed Jews for Anti-Semitism Resigns2014-September-10
The Skewed Coverage of Western Media in the Gaza War2014-August-26
Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?2014-August-20
The Jews Refuse to Play the Victim 2014-August-01
For the Brave, Age Is No Barrier to Army Service2014-July-25
There's Something Very Ugly in This Rage Against Israel2014-July-18
Dangerous Unity: The Perils of the New Fatah-Hamas Government2014-June-11
Taking Iran's Anti-Semitism Seriously2014-June-05
Turning Holocaust Denial into Homework 2014-May-27
Prime Minister Netanyahu Welcomes Pope Francis to Israel2014-May-26

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