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Protecting America's Most Targeted Minority Is a Moral Imperative 2019-December-12
Why Was the New Executive Order on Campus Anti-Semitism Necessary?2019-December-12
U.S. to Target Anti-Semitism on College Campuses2019-December-11
The U.S. Should Adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Anti-Semitism 2019-December-11
Jewish Labour Movement Won't Back Party in Upcoming UK Election 2019-December-10
France Faces a Surge of Anti-Semitic Attacks2019-December-06
The Global Surge in Jew-Hatred Barely Registers in the West 2019-December-06
Anti-Semitism Is a Unique Obsession 2019-December-06
French Parliament Decides Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism 2019-December-04
Jeremy Corbyn's Most Ardent Supporters "More Likely to Be Anti-Semitic"2019-December-03
No, Israel Does Not Target Palestinian Children 2019-November-29
Labour's Anti-Semitism Cannot Be Disregarded 2019-November-29
How Anti-Semitism Brought Down Ireland's Jewish Former Minister of Justice2019-November-29
Yes, Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism 2019-November-29
Archbishop of Canterbury Says Britain's Jews Feel "Fear" 2019-November-27
Survey of 18 Countries Finds Hardcore Anti-Semitic Attitudes Remain Pervasive2019-November-26
Hatred at Canadian Universities 2019-November-25
Israel Denial in the Academic World 2019-November-22
Centuries of Christian Anti-Semitism Led to Holocaust, Landmark Church of England Report Concludes 2019-November-21
Israeli Ambassador Dermer: Anti-Semitism Has Become Acceptable Again 2019-November-21
Shame on Europe for Engaging in a Double Standard toward Israel 2019-November-15
Same Old Anti-Semitism, Different Jews 2019-November-15
Israeli Winery at Center of EU Court Ruling on Labeling Refuses to Back Down2019-November-14
What American Jews Can Do to Help Keep the Zionist Dream Alive2019-November-08
"Never Again" Is Here and Now2019-November-01
Report: The Threat to Academic Freedom from National Students for Justice in Palestine2019-November-01
An Israeli-Arab Psychologist Has Become Germany's Staunchest Islam Critic2019-November-01
Jewish Unity Required to Combat Anti-Semitism 2019-October-28
Israeli President to Host Conference on Fighting Anti-Semitism2019-October-28
Jews Increasingly See Discrimination and Danger in U.S. 2019-October-24
The Dark Night of Anti-Semitism in Turkey 2019-October-24
Czech Lawmakers Condemn BDS 2019-October-23
MP Louise Ellman Quits Labour Party over Anti-Semitism Concerns2019-October-17
Synagogue Attacker Hoped to Inspire Further Anti-Semitic Attacks, German Authorities Say2019-October-11
German Anti-Semitism Commissioner Calls for EU Sanctions on Iran2019-October-07
Labour's Anti-Semitic Followers Aren't Welcome in Brighton2019-September-27
Why BDS Fails the 3D Test on Anti-Semitism 2019-September-26
At UN, Trump Calls on Mideast Nations to Normalize Ties with Israel 2019-September-25
Columbia University Invites Anti-Semitic Malaysian Leader to Speak2019-September-25
Report: Anti-Semitic Harassment at U.S. College Campuses Hits Historic Levels2019-September-20
UK Councils and Universities Face Being Named and Shamed in New Anti-Semitism Crackdown2019-September-20
Anti-Semites with PhDs Are Harder to Fight2019-September-13
Israel Blasts Report It Planted Spy Devices near White House as "Fake News"2019-September-13
UN Panel Calls on Palestinians to Halt Hate Speech Against Israelis 2019-September-03
A Taste of Their Own Medicine at the UN 2019-September-03
ADL: Iran's Regime Stokes More Anti-Semitism2019-August-23
The Complicated Views of Liberal Jews2019-August-19
There Is No Difference between Hatred of Israel and Hatred for Jews2019-August-16
California to "Substantially Redesign" Proposed Ethnic Studies Curriculum 2019-August-14
UN Asks Palestinians to Explain Hate Speech, Anti-Semitism2019-August-14

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