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Former Leader of Israel's Labor Party Slams Britain's Labour Chief Corbyn as "Anti-Semitic"2019-July-19
U.S. Education Secretary: Campus Efforts to Boycott Israel Are a "Pernicious Threat"2019-July-16
Can Ilhan Omar Overcome Her Prejudice?2019-July-16
Video: New Revelations on UK Labour Party Anti-Semitism2019-July-12
3 Labour Members of House of Lords Quit Party over Anti-Semitism2019-July-11
Peace Must Start in Palestinian Schools 2019-July-05
The Dangerous Drive to Correlate Islamophobia with Anti-Semitism2019-July-05
Survey: Almost Half of Young European Jews Experience Anti-Semitism2019-July-05
The WHO Propaganda Theater2019-July-04
With Their Repeated Rejections, Palestinians Risk Irrelevance2019-July-03
Canada to Adopt Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Anti-Semitism2019-June-28
The Human Shields of the New Anti-Semitism 2019-June-28
Are You More Liberal or More Jewish?2019-June-21
U.S. Anti-Semitism Envoy: Armed Guards Needed at Synagogues, Jewish Centers2019-June-21
Germany Accused of Downplaying Anti-Semitic Attacks by Muslims2019-June-21
Video: Google Seeks to Block Anti-Semitic Websites, Takes Down Holocaust Education as Well2019-June-14
Is Anti-Semitism Becoming Mainstream?2019-June-14
To Be Jewish Is to Know Adversity - and to Thrive in Spite of It2019-June-14
German Jews Say Jewish Museum in Berlin Is "Out of Control" for BDS Support 2019-June-12
Poll: Most Americans Support Israel, Say BDS Movement Is Anti-Semitic2019-June-06
UK Equality Watchdog Launches Formal Investigation into Labour Party Anti-Semitism2019-June-04
40,000 March in New York to Celebrate Israel2019-June-03
Germany's Merkel Refuses to Outlaw Hizbullah, Snubbing German Jews after Kippah Row2019-May-31
Thank You, Florida Governor DeSantis2019-May-31
The Left Is Mainstreaming Palestinian Marxist Terrorists2019-May-30
Why Are Israeli and other Jewish Academics Legitimizing Anti-Semitism?2019-May-30
Germany's Merkel Admits Threat to Jews 2019-May-29
German Government U-Turns to Urge Solidarity in Wearing of Jewish Kippa 2019-May-28
The Old Scourge of Anti-Semitism Rises Anew in Europe - Editorial2019-May-28
German Anti-Semitism Official: Don't Wear Kippot in Public2019-May-27
Israeli President Defiant to German Recommendation to Remove Kippot2019-May-27
Saudi Reform Is Inching in a Positive Direction2019-May-24
UK Minister Orders Universities to Crack Down on Anti-Semites2019-May-24
The New German Anti-Semitism 2019-May-24
Pompeo: We Are Bolstering Israel's Security and Fighting Anti-Semitism2019-May-23
German Parliament Deems BDS Movement Anti-Semitic 2019-May-20
U.S. Anti-Semitism Envoy Calls Europe's Kosher Meat Bans "Forced Expulsion" for Jews2019-May-16
BBC Condemned for Mistranslating Arabic Word for "Jew" to "Israeli" in Gaza Film2019-May-15
German Anti-Semitism Commissioner Calls on Bank to Shut BDS Account2019-May-14
Islamophobia - A Weapon to Silence Our Freedom of Speech 2019-May-10
Anti-Semitism Is Thriving in America 2019-May-10
U.S. May Review Ties with Countries Deemed Anti-Israel 2019-May-07
Gaza Rockets "Proof" of Danger of Territorial Withdrawals, Israel Tells U.S. Diplomats2019-May-07
Want to Fight Anti-Semitism? Then Defend Israel2019-May-03
No Wonder Anti-Semites Hate Us2019-May-03
Anti-Semitic Attacks Spike, Killing Most Jews in Decades2019-May-01
A Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism2019-May-01
German Intelligence Agency Issues Report on Muslim Anti-Semitism 2019-April-30
One Dead, 3 Wounded in Synagogue Shooting near San Diego 2019-April-29
New York Times Says It Is "Deeply Sorry" for Running Anti-Semitic Cartoon 2019-April-29

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