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What's Disproportional Is the Criticism of Israel2021-June-24
Scientific American Removes Article Promoting BDS2021-June-17
Russia to Supply Iran with Advanced Satellite System that Will Boost Tehran's Ability to Surveil Military Targets2021-June-14
Health Care Data Disproves Israeli "War Against Palestinian Health"2021-June-14
U.S. Army Is Quadrupling Attack Range of Apache Helicopters with Israeli Spike Missiles2021-June-07
As Hamas Fired Rockets, the New York Times Joined the Assault on Israel 2021-May-31
Four Iranian Kamikaze Drones from Gaza Downed by "Classified Means"2021-May-24
CBS Claims Hamas - which Attacked Israel - Is "Retaliating" 2021-May-21
Former Israel Security Agency Head: No Return to Pre-War Understandings with Hamas 2021-May-19
Israel Arrests Arab Man for Firebomb that Injured Arab Boy in Jaffa 2021-May-18
Fox News Mangles Reporting on Sheikh Jarrah2021-May-11
AP Corrects Story on Israeli Vaccination of Palestinians2021-April-29
AP Concocts Settlement "Spike" 2021-April-29
Israeli Spike Missiles Give U.S. Army New Capabilities2021-March-18
New York Times Makes Up Stories about Israeli Checkpoints in Jerusalem 2021-February-18
Israeli Company with Military-Grade Surveillance Aims to Defend Jewish Communities Abroad 2021-February-04
AP Falsely Casts Israel as Responsible for Providing Palestinians with Vaccines 2020-December-21
Israeli Firm to Provide Security for UN Bases in Mali 2020-December-03
UN Resolution 194 Doesn't Guarantee Palestinian "Right of Return"2020-November-26
BBC Ignores Impartiality Guidelines in Report on Jerusalem Housing Construction2020-November-19
The Palestinian Leadership Keeps Standing in the Way of Peace with Israel 2020-November-12
Guardian Story on Evicted Bedouins Omits Key Info2020-November-09
Israel Develops New Navigation System Immune to GPS Jamming2020-October-22
Two ISIS Militants Charged in Deaths of American Hostages in Syria 2020-October-08
MSNBC Corrects Report on Settlements, Oslo Accords2020-October-05
First Photos from Israel's Newest Spy Satellite - of Syria's Palmyra Ruins 2020-August-27
The West Bank Is Not "Palestinian Land" 2020-August-27
New York Times Claims Internationally Embraced Anti-Semitism Definition Is "Disputed" 2020-August-06
Israel to Test Rapid Coronavirus Detection Technology2020-July-23
Israeli Company Helps Farmers Monitor Crops from the Air2020-July-23
Israeli Intelligence Infiltrates Syria2020-July-09
Israel Wields Startup Tech Against Coronavirus 2020-July-02
Media Obsession with the Palestinians 2020-June-05
The Intrinsic Anti-Semitism of BDS 2020-June-05
An Israeli AI Lifeguard at the Beach2020-June-01
Cameraman Who Criticized Palestinian Authority Fired from Associated Press2020-May-28
The Times of London Presents Palestinian Propaganda as History2020-May-26
Iranian Hackers Launch Cyberattack on Israeli Websites2020-May-21
New York Times Favors Palestinian Narrative on Payments to Terrorists2020-May-13
Iran's First Successful Military Space Launch Should Worry Israel 2020-April-27
Washington Post Omits Facts in Gaza Op-Ed 2020-April-24
Coming Soon across Israel: Temperature Testers2020-April-21
Lessons from a Jerusalem Pogrom 2020-April-17
Thermal Cameras Deployed at Tel Aviv Hospital2020-April-08
Israel Turning Radar into Coronavirus Symptom Detector 2020-April-07
New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Falsely Claim that Netanyahu Shut Courts2020-April-02
Israel Opens First Designated Coronavirus Hospital2020-March-27
Israel Contradicts Guardian Claim on Gaza Medicine "Restrictions" 2020-March-27
AP Headline on Settlement "Surge" Misleads 2020-March-20
Foreign Policy Invents Claims Against U.S. Peace Plan 2020-February-25

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