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UN-Paid Teachers Celebrate Deaths of Israelis2021-August-02
The Pitfalls of Palestinian Exceptionalism2021-July-29
Anti-Semitism Is Genuinely Unique among the World's Hatreds2021-July-29
Israel Condemns Ben and Jerry's Boycott Decision2021-July-22
Support for Hateful Palestinian Textbooks Undermines Fight Against Anti-Semitism 2021-July-15
Explosion of Anti-Semitism Raises Painful Questions 2021-July-15
I Resigned from the CUNY Union Because of Its Anti-Semitism 2021-July-15
Double Message, Double Standard: Institutions Abandoning the IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism Court Danger2021-July-15
Activists Gather in Washington to Protest the Rise of Anti-Semitism 2021-July-12
Some Progressive Activists Have an Anti-Semitism Problem 2021-July-12
Iran's New President Has a Track Record of Anti-Semitism 2021-July-01
EU Commissioner Calls to Reconsider Aid after Anti-Semitism Found in PA Textbooks2021-June-24
The Price of Being a Zionist Woman on Twitter 2021-June-24
Turkey's Education System Is Becoming Increasingly Islamist 2021-June-24
Jews Must Fight Back Against Their Demonization2021-June-21
When the Los Angeles Teachers Union Decided to Go After a Foreign Country, Guess Which One They Picked? 2021-June-17
In Ireland, a Pavlovian Response to Conflict in Middle East Is to Visit Ire upon Jews 2021-June-17
Quebec Government Adopts IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-June-14
The Baseless Charge that Israel Is an Apartheid State, Again2021-June-14
Research Study, Kept from Public, Finds EU Is Financing Incitement in Palestinian Schools 2021-June-10
Anti-Semitism Spikes, and Many Jews Wonder: "Where Are Our Allies?" 2021-June-10
Switzerland Adopts IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-June-07
Anti-Semitism Far Worse than Reported, Say U.S. Jewish Leaders2021-June-03
The "Islamophobia" Red Herring2021-June-03
The Pandemic of Anti-Semitism 2021-May-31
Former ADL Head Abe Foxman Cancels New York Times Subscription over Front-Page "Blood Libel"2021-May-31
Secretary of State Blinken: Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise and We're Determined to Deal with It2021-May-27
How Influencers Have Enabled Anti-Semitism2021-May-27
The Intelligentsia's Craven Silence in the Face of Anti-Semitism Is Unforgivable2021-May-27
Anti-Semitism in America 2021-May-25
Violent Attacks on American Jews Prove "Anti-Zionism" Is Anti-Semitism 2021-May-25
Hatred of Jews Hardens Israel's Resolve 2021-May-25
Spate of Anti-Jewish Attacks in the U.S. Draws Calls for More Forceful Response2021-May-24
Hamas Targets Civilians, Israel Targets Terrorists 2021-May-21
Tell Us, Europe, What Should Israel Do? 2021-May-20
Israel Accuses Chinese State TV of "Blatant Anti-Semitism"2021-May-19
Survey: 80 Percent of Jewish Americans Care about Israel2021-May-13
UK Pledges to Stop Council Boycotts of Israel2021-May-13
Canada Announces Durban IV Boycott Due to Anti-Semitism Concerns, Following U.S., Australia2021-May-10
Human Rights Watch Crosses the Line with Latest Attack on Israel 2021-May-06
Why Is a Meeting in San Remo 101 Years Ago So Important?2021-May-06
Some Sanity re: Hannity2021-May-06
Jewish Groups Oppose New Anti-Semitism Definitions 2021-May-06
Why Iran Poses Such a Serious Threat 2021-May-06
A New Bogus Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-April-08
There Is No Acceptable Anti-Semitism2021-April-08
New Anti-Semitism Video from Berkeley2021-April-08
Biden's Israeli-Palestinian Reset Is Premature, Ill-Advised2021-April-05
U.S.: PA Tortured Participants in American-Led 2019 Bahrain Conference2021-April-01
63 Percent of American Jews Have Witnessed or Experienced Anti-Semitism in the Past Five Years2021-April-01

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