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People Have a Huge Blind Spot When It Comes to Jews 2022-November-17
Anti-Semitism Is Alive and Well in Britain2022-October-06
Israeli President Herzog: "We Must Reclaim Zionism"2022-September-01
Jewish Agency Faces Closure in Russia 2022-August-07
Half of All Jews Now Live in Israel and That Is a Source of Strength2022-July-28
When Iran Says "Death to Israel," It Means It2022-July-21
Why Did BBC Ignore 99 Percent of Attacks on Israelis? 2022-July-21
Jewish Lives Matter: Human Rights and Anti-Semitism 2022-July-18
Text: U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration2022-July-18
Jews Can No Longer Afford to Tolerate the Erasure of Our Identity 2022-July-14
Why Does the Palestinian Cause Get So Much Attention? 2022-July-11
The Jewish Experience of the Last 70 Years Is Profoundly Better because of Israel's Existence2022-July-07
The UN Commission of Inquiry Is an Inquisition 2022-June-27
UN Teachers Call to Murder Jews2022-June-27
Natan Sharansky and Ron Dermer: How to Fight Anti-Semitism 2022-June-20
The Scourge of Anti-Semitism Has Returned to America2022-June-20
Ireland Lags the Rest of Europe in Fighting Anti-Semitism2022-June-16
The Apology the South African Jewish Report Could Never Make 2022-June-09
The UN Commission of Inquiry: An Exercise in Historical Revisionism 2022-June-09
How Can the Mere Presence of a Jew "Defile" the Al Aqsa Mosque? 2022-June-02
U.S. Condemns Iraqi Parliament's Anti-Israel Normalization Law2022-May-30
My Synagogue's Anti-Semitism Tax2022-May-26
New Dialogue and Collaboration between EU and Israel2022-May-23
House Votes to Condemn Rising Anti-Semitism2022-May-19
A Chance for the U.S. to Rebuild an Alliance Crucial to Its Security2022-May-12
Time for Tough Measures Against Anti-Semitism 2022-May-12
Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitism?2022-May-12
Church of England Apologizes for 800-Year-Old Anti-Semitic Laws2022-May-09
Russia Accuses Israel of Supporting "Neo-Nazis" in Ukraine2022-May-04
Russia's Anti-Semitic Attack on Israel Is Shocking and Deliberate 2022-May-04
ADL: "Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism"2022-May-04
Anti-Semitism Comes to Harvard 2022-May-04
Why Did the Harvard Crimson Decide to Take On Israel?2022-May-04
Israel, Our Greatest Ally in the Middle East2022-May-04
Palestinian Authority Curriculum Ramps Up Incitement 2022-April-28
Palestinian March in Toronto a Shocking Display of Anti-Semitism 2022-April-28
Protesters Who Sing Hamas Slogans Are "Not Anti-Semitic," University Decides2022-April-14
UK Justice Minister: IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism Doesn't Shut Down Free Speech2022-April-07
Irish Jews "Dismayed" by Parliamentary Attacks on Their Community2022-March-31
85 Percent of French Jews Say Anti-Semitism Widespread in France2022-March-17
Israel-Turkey Detente Shadowed by Ankara's Ties with Hamas2022-March-10
Poll: Only 59% of British Jews Felt They Had a Long-Term Future in the UK2022-March-10
Jewish Life in Ukraine Is No Longer What It Was2022-March-07
Ukrainian Ambassador Claims His Country Aided Jews during the Holocaust. History Says Otherwise2022-March-03
French Prime Minister Denounces "Apartheid" Labeling of Israel2022-February-28
Why Israel Refuses to Cooperate with the UN Commission of Inquiry2022-February-24
We Need to Really Go After Anti-Semites2022-February-24
A "Major Non-NATO Ally"?: For Decades, Qatar Has Supported Every Anti-American Islamic Terrorist Organization2022-February-21
Israel Has Worked since 1948 to Make Peace with the Palestinians 2022-February-21
Dutch Plan to Reveal University Ties to Israel and Jews "Reeks of Anti-Semitism"2022-February-14

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