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Muslim Brotherhood

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Saudi Arabia Would Quietly Welcome the Demise of Hamas2023-December-05
Why Is It So Difficult for Israel to Decipher Hamas?2023-December-05
Some Ideas Are Worth Destroying 2023-December-01
The Theology of Hamas2023-November-13
Egyptian Journalists: Hamas Is a Terror Organization Bent on Destroying Israel and the Jews2023-November-06
Israel's Victory over Hamas Would Reduce Innocent Deaths in Israel and Gaza 2023-November-03
The Turkish Regime Supports Terrorism2023-November-01
Rockets Launched toward Northern Israel, IDF Strikes Hizbullah2023-October-30
Eliminating Hamas: Obstacles and Opportunity 2023-October-16
Senior Israeli Officials Say Hamas Must Be Crushed2023-October-10
Anti-Israeli Content Removed from Saudi Textbooks2023-July-17
In Obsessing over Israel, the Free World Is Looking the Wrong Way 2023-July-17
Israel Needs to Reach a Warmer Peace with Egypt2023-June-22
Israel-Egypt Relations after the Border Attack2023-June-15
The Saudi-Jordanian Marriage 2023-June-08
Islamist Antisemitism in the U.S. 2023-April-20
UN Human Rights Council Goes on the Offensive Against Israel2022-October-27
Full Acceptance of Israel in the Arab World Is Not Here Yet2022-August-15
Podcast: How Sunni Arab States See Security Threats Today2022-June-16
Turkey Has Not Expelled Any Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood Members2022-May-12
Ra'am and the Israeli Islamic Movement's Interaction with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood 2022-May-12
Gulf Arab Countries Copying Qatar in Hedging Against U.S. Power; Iran Is Thrilled2022-May-09
Egyptian Journalist: No Difference between ISIS, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood2022-April-07
Israel-Turkey Detente Shadowed by Ankara's Ties with Hamas2022-March-10
A "Major Non-NATO Ally"?: For Decades, Qatar Has Supported Every Anti-American Islamic Terrorist Organization2022-February-21
No Real Basis to Turkey-Israel "Reconciliation" Narrative 2022-January-31
Britain's Decree Declaring Hamas a Terrorist Organization Freezes Massive Funding Enterprise2021-December-02
The Myth of Lone-Wolf Terrorism2021-October-28
Why Arabs No Longer Trust the Muslim Brotherhood 2021-September-23
Muslim Brotherhood TV: We Want to Remove Israel from the Map2021-August-26
Jihadis Sense U.S. Weakness 2021-August-26
The Lesson from Afghanistan: Israel Must Recognize the Limits of Superpower Support2021-August-23
Influential Voices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE Celebrate Tunisia Turmoil as Blow to Political Islam2021-July-29
The Abraham Accords Passed Their First Big Test 2021-June-10
Israeli Diplomat: The First War We Lose Will Be the Last2021-June-03
For Hamas, the Struggle to Uproot the Jews Is the Meaning of Life 2021-May-20
The "Al-Aqsa Is in Danger" Lie that Sets Jerusalem Alight 2021-May-11
Egypt-Turkey Rapprochement Is Constraining the Muslim Brotherhood 2021-April-01
Foreign Interference in the Palestinian Elections2021-March-22
The U.S. Confers Legitimacy on Hamas2021-March-08
The Axis of Resistance to Israel Is Breaking Up 2021-March-04
U.S. Balances Human Rights and Mideast Security 2021-March-04
U.S. Needs to Understand that the Middle East Has Changed 2021-February-04
Few Egyptians Want Normalization with Israel 2021-January-21
Qatar, Saudi Arabia Set to End Feud that Hampered U.S. Interests 2021-January-07
Egypt Reveals the Financial Terrorist Ties between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas2020-December-31
Israel Suspicious of Erdogan's Overtures2020-December-28
World's View of Israel Is Shifting2020-December-17
How to Maintain Israel's Qualitative Military Edge in a Changing Middle East 2020-December-10
Europe Must Stand United Against All Extremism: Hamas, Hizbullah and Muslim Brotherhood 2020-November-12

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