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International Law

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Who Cares When the PA Violates Human Rights? 2022-June-30
U.S. Presbyterians Support Settlements in Occupied Territory - in Nagorno-Karabakh2022-June-20
The UN's Kangaroo Court2022-June-16
Labeling of Judea and Samaria Goods Is About Discrimination, Not Law 2022-June-16
U.S. Jewish Leaders Condemn Anti-Israel UNHRC Report2022-June-09
How Can the Mere Presence of a Jew "Defile" the Al Aqsa Mosque? 2022-June-02
"Israel Apartheid" Is the New "Zionism=Racism" 2022-May-26
Does Anyone Really Understand the Two-State Solution?2022-May-19
The Cynical Manipulation and Misleading of Congress by Rep. Ilhan Omar 2022-May-04
Israel to UN: Palestinian Terrorists to Blame for Temple Mount Violence in Jerusalem2022-April-28
Criticizing Israel Has Become a Permanent Obsession2022-April-28
How the Russia-Ukraine War and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Differ 2022-April-21
Yet Again, the Vandalizing and Desecration of Joseph's Tomb 2022-April-14
European Union Funds Illegal Palestinian Projects in West Bank2022-April-07
Palestinian Issue Overshadowed by Regional Developments2022-March-31
Why the West's Astounding Mobilization for Ukraine Won't Happen Against Israel2022-March-31
U.S. Offering $1 Million to Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations2022-March-24
The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Legal Aspects2022-March-17
The Russia-Ukraine War and Its Legal and Political Implications 2022-March-14
Israel Has Worked since 1948 to Make Peace with the Palestinians 2022-February-21
How the Killing of Fatah Gunmen Serves Abbas2022-February-10
UK Protestors Who Chant Hamas Slogan "From the River to the Sea" Could Be Reported to Police2022-February-10
The "Apartheid" Libel of Israel2022-February-03
Why I'm Opposed to Ilhan Omar's Bill Against Islamophobia 2022-January-27
Non-Jews Still in Touch with Jews They Saved from the Nazis2022-January-27
The UN Descent to its Deepest Depths of Hostility against Israel 2022-January-24
The Bias of the UN's New Anti-Israel "Commission of Inquiry"2022-January-24
EU Tries to Twist International Law to Fight Eviction of Squatters in Jerusalem 2022-January-20
What Is Behind the Rise in Israeli Exports?2022-January-20
The IDF's Commitment to the International Laws of War Is Not a Disadvantage2022-January-17
The UN's Final Solution to the Israel Question2022-January-13
Georgia Police Captain Recounts Training in Israel2022-January-13
Obsessed with Israeli Settlements, Americans and Europeans Turn a Blind Eye to Palestinian Violence2022-January-13
The New York Times' Distorted Coverage of Israel Is Getting Worse 2022-January-06
European Funding for Palestinian NGOs as Political Subcontracting2021-December-30
Israel Protests to UN over Lebanese Plans to Drill in Its Maritime Waters2021-December-27
How NGO Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCI-P) Distorts the Truth2021-December-27
The Newest Anti-Israel UN Action Must Be Challenged - Now 2021-December-23
A Possible Return to UNESCO - a Very Bad Idea 2021-December-23
The Right of Self-Defense - A Question of Survival2021-December-20
Church of Sweden Calls to Investigate Israel as an Apartheid State2021-December-02
Hopes for Nuclear Deal Fade as Iran Rebuilds2021-November-22
Does a Palestinian "Right of Return" Exist in International Law?2021-November-22
Jeering Pro-Palestinian Crowd Threatens Israel's UK Ambassador2021-November-11
Refuting Palestinian Claims about the U.S. Jerusalem Consulate Issue2021-November-11
Chinese Public Opinion and the Palestinian Question2021-November-08
Iran Seizes Vietnamese Oil Tanker in Gulf of Oman2021-November-04
Israel's Designation of Six Terrorism-Linked NGOs Was in Full Accordance with International Law2021-November-04
State Department Confirms: Israel Would Have to Authorize U.S. Consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem 2021-October-28
Is the U.S. Intent on Sparking a Crisis with Israel over Jerusalem? 2021-October-28

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