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Anti-Semitism Is Thriving in America 2019-May-10
U.S. May Review Ties with Countries Deemed Anti-Israel 2019-May-07
Gaza Rockets "Proof" of Danger of Territorial Withdrawals, Israel Tells U.S. Diplomats2019-May-07
Want to Fight Anti-Semitism? Then Defend Israel2019-May-03
No Wonder Anti-Semites Hate Us2019-May-03
Anti-Semitic Attacks Spike, Killing Most Jews in Decades2019-May-01
A Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism2019-May-01
German Intelligence Agency Issues Report on Muslim Anti-Semitism 2019-April-30
One Dead, 3 Wounded in Synagogue Shooting near San Diego 2019-April-29
New York Times Says It Is "Deeply Sorry" for Running Anti-Semitic Cartoon 2019-April-29
Jews Shouldn't Have to Pay with Their Lives to Gather in Prayer2019-April-29
Hatred of the Jews Might Not Have Changed, But the Jews Have 2019-April-29
Anti-Semitic Cartoon Blames the Jews 2019-April-29
The New York Times Needs to Reflect Deeply on How It Came to Publish Anti-Semitic Propaganda2019-April-29
U.S. Anti-Semitism Envoy Says BDS Movement Is Anti-Semitic 2019-April-16
Labour's Hate Files Expose Jeremy Corbyn's Anti-Semite Army 2019-April-08
Labour Can't Sweep This Anti-Semitism under the Carpet2019-April-08
Anti-Semitism Is Back, from the Left, Right and Islamist Extremes2019-April-05
Holocaust Heroine Saved Jewish Girls in Hungary2019-April-05
Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism, Secretary of State Pompeo Tells AIPAC2019-March-28
California State University Agrees that Zionism Is an Integral Part of Jewish Identity2019-March-21
How Dare Chelsea Clinton Defend the Jews2019-March-20
Israel Supporters Protest UN Rights Meeting 2019-March-19
U.S. Envoy to Germany: UN Human Rights Council Is Anti-Semitic2019-March-19
U.S. Ambassador Causes Germany to Deport Palestinian Terrorist2019-March-18
Why the Debate over Anti-Semitism Is So Important2019-March-15
Nothing in Islam Requires the Faithful to Hate Jews2019-March-15
The Most Anti-Semitic Region Is the Middle East2019-March-13
Ilhan Omar Can't Break the U.S.-Israel Bond 2019-March-12
The Decline of Philo-Semitism in America 2019-March-11
The False Equivalence between "Islamophobia" and Anti-Semitism2019-March-11
U.S. House Passes Broad Measure Condemning Hate in Response to Rep. Ilhan Omar's Comments2019-March-08
Rep. Ted Deutch: Why Can't House Resolution "Singularly Condemn" Anti-Semitism? 2019-March-08
Ilhan Omar's Dual Loyalty Charge Was about More than Anti-Semitism2019-March-08
Ilhan Omar Knows Exactly What She Is Doing2019-March-08
Ilhan Omar Is Getting Off the Hook2019-March-08
California Campuses Take Lead Against Israel Boycott 2019-March-08
Anti-Semitism Is the Religion of People Too Lazy to Accept the Complexity of Reality2019-March-08
Teaching the Holocaust to "New Swedes" 2019-March-07
U.S. House Set to Rebuke Lawmaker for Israel Comments2019-March-06
Rep. Ilhan Omar Repeats Anti-Semitic Trope against Jewish Congresswoman2019-March-05
The Line between Criticism of Israel and Anti-Semitism2019-March-04
To Argue for the Abolition of the Jewish Homeland Flirts with Anti-Semitism2019-March-01
Europe's Ubiquitous Anti-Semitism2019-March-01
Downtown L.A. Mural "Shameful Act of Anti-Semitism," Mayor Says2019-March-01
Anti-Zionism Is the New Anti-Semitism2019-February-26
Ninth MP Quits British Labour Party over "Culture of Anti-Semitism" 2019-February-25
U.S. Envoy: Anti-Zionism Is a Form of Anti-Semitism 2019-February-22
Why the Academic Boycott of Israel Is Anti-Semitic 2019-February-22
Anti-Semitism Is By No Means an Issue Solely for Jews 2019-February-22

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