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ICC Rules It Has Jurisdiction to Examine Possible Israel War Crimes2021-February-08
Israeli Company with Military-Grade Surveillance Aims to Defend Jewish Communities Abroad 2021-February-04
U.S. "Embraces and Champions" IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-February-04
Stop the Hate from the BDS Campaign 2021-February-04
The Normalization of Anti-Semitism2021-February-04
Israel Sees Blood Libel in False Palestinian Covid-19 Vaccine Charges2021-January-28
Biden UN Nominee Pledges to Combat Anti-Israel Bias, BDS, Iranian Threat2021-January-28
The War over the IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-January-28
Educational Ethnic Cleansing 2021-January-28
What's the Matter with Holocaust Education? 2021-January-28
PA: The Holocaust Was Europe Repaying Jews for Their "Wickedness"2021-January-28
State Department Cuts Ties with Islamic Charity over Anti-Semitism 2021-January-21
False Claims in the Campaign Against the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Definition of Anti-Semitism 2021-January-14
U.S. Votes Against UN Budget over "Anti-Israel" Measures, Lack of Iran Action2021-January-04
Video: Conspiracies, Jews, and the Jewish State2021-January-04
U.S. Envoy: Boycotting Israel Is Anti-Semitic 2020-December-24
Polish Society Shunned Jewish Survivors Returning from Death Camps 2020-December-24
On Campus, the Momentum Against Israel and the Jewish People Is Shifting 2020-December-17
Europe Can't Fight Anti-Semitism while Ignoring Threats to Israel2020-December-17
Anti-Semitism and Israel's Right to Exist2020-December-03
The Abuse of Human Rights to Promote Hate 2020-November-26
When Anti-Zionism Becomes Anti-Semitism 2020-November-26
Jesuit Priest Pens Book about His Order during the Holocaust2020-November-12
New Poll: American Jews See Rising Anti-Semitism 2020-November-02
Britain's Labour Party Suspends Jeremy Corbyn after Anti-Semitism Report2020-November-02
Kicking Corbyn Out Is Only the Start of Labour's Anti-Semitism Fight2020-November-02
Time to Call Out "Human Rights" Groups for their Anti-Semitism2020-October-29
The BBC Incites Baseless Hatred over Israel 2020-October-22
Taking Aim at Online Anti-Semitism2020-October-22
The Arab World Is Having a Jewish Revolution 2020-October-01
International Project Combats Online Anti-Semitism through Artificial Intelligence2020-October-01
NYU to Revise Discrimination Policy following Anti-Semitic Activity on Campus2020-October-01
The Dark Side of Holocaust Education 2020-October-01
New Palestinian Curriculum Shows No Improvements, Anti-Semitism Remains2020-September-24
The Return of UN Sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran2020-September-21
Israel's Right to Self-Determination Does Not Depend on the Palestinians2020-August-27
I Grew Up with Anti-Semitism in the UAE. Peace with Israel Is a Dream Come True. 2020-August-20
USC Student VP Resigns, Says She Was Bullied for Being a Zionist 2020-August-10
USC President Says Anti-Semitism "Has No Place at the University" 2020-August-10
What We Know about the Blasts in Beirut2020-August-10
New York Times Claims Internationally Embraced Anti-Semitism Definition Is "Disputed" 2020-August-06
I'm Glad We're Finally Talking about Anti-Semitism 2020-August-06
Taking a Jewish Approach to U.S. History 2020-August-03
Former New York Times Writer Bari Weiss Continues to Champion Israel2020-July-30
American Jewry in Transition? How Attitudes toward Israel May Be Shifting 2020-July-23
How Jewish Twitter Users Took On a Virtual Anti-Semitic Mob2020-July-16
Since We're Debating Labels, Stop Calling It Anti-Semitism. It's Jew-Hatred. 2020-July-09
U.S. Deputy Anti-Semitism Envoy: Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism 2020-July-02
The Battle over BDS: Trends, Lessons and Future Trajectories 2020-June-29
UK Labour Education Spokeswoman Fired for Sharing Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory2020-June-26

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