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Former Palestinian Minister: Palestinian Authority Has Failed to Build a Properly Governed Lawful State2022-January-20
Controversy in Gaza over Billboards Commemorating Iranian General Soleimani2022-January-13
Palestinians March in West Bank with Guns, Models of Rockets2022-January-06
Students at Birzeit University in West Bank Hold Military Parades with Mock Rockets, Explosive Belts2021-December-20
Iran Is Working on a Nuclear Bomb, Israeli Military Action Would Constitute Self-Defense2021-December-09
Economic, Social Protests Against Hamas Flare Up Again in Gaza2021-November-18
Hamas Uses Aid Money to Procure Turkish Citizenship for Its Operatives2021-October-25
Iran Threatens to Act Against Iranian Jews2021-October-14
Hamas Conference Envisions "Post-Liberation Palestine" after Israel "Disappears"2021-October-07
Under President Raisi, Iran Is Hardening Its Positions in Nuclear Negotiations 2021-September-02
Palestinian Faction Leader: Iran's Soleimani Supervised Palestinian Weapons Development2021-August-30
Muslim Brotherhood TV: We Want to Remove Israel from the Map2021-August-26
Palestinian Authority Introduces New System for Payments to Terrorists and their Families2021-July-12
Palestinian Prime Minister Claims No Connection Exists between Israelis and Jews2021-July-08
Lebanese Politician: 1982 Israeli Invasion Solved the Problem of Palestinian Terrorism for Us2021-June-17
IRGC General: Iran Carried Out Attacks Against Israel2021-June-03
Video: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Thanks Iran for Missile Technology2021-May-31
Video: Gazans Cheer Rocket Launches at Israeli Cities2021-May-14
Palestinian Islamic Jihad: The Rockets We Use to Pound Tel Aviv Are Provided by Iran2021-May-13
Syrian Chemical Weapons Program Is Operational Again, under Iranian Control2021-April-22
Iran-Backed Militias in Iraq Threaten to Target Washington2021-April-08
Iranian Gen. Soleimani Monitored Iran's Jewish Community2021-February-18
Iranian Islamic Ethics Professor: Executed Journalist Ruhollah Zam Is a Martyr, Khamenei Is Responsible2020-December-24
Iran's Foreign Minister: U.S. Does Not Have Option of Adding New Issues to Nuclear Deal2020-December-21
Egyptian Journalist: Opposing Normalization Contravenes Egypt's Foreign Policy2020-December-17
Saudi Journalists Welcome Killing of Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist2020-December-03
Lebanese Singer: Israel Is Not Really Lebanon's Enemy2020-November-30
Egyptian Writer Living in Germany: Pluralistic Europe Is Surrendering to Extremist Political Islam2020-November-19
Iranian Strategic Affairs Expert: Return to the Nuclear Deal by Biden Is Not Enough2020-November-16
Iranian Islamic Scholar: We Carried Out Cyber Attacks Against Israeli Desalination Plants, Power Plants2020-November-12
Iranian Parliament Calls to Increase Nuclear Activity as Members Chant: "Death to America"2020-November-05
IRGC Commander: "The Americans and the Zionists in the Region Are Surrounded by Fighters of Islam"2020-October-22
Lebanese Journalists: Lebanon Must Advance toward Peace with Israel2020-October-15
Syrian Writer: Time to Abandon Self-Destructive Ideology of Resistance2020-October-08
Former Saudi Official: Palestinians Have Lost a Significant Part of Popular Sympathy2020-October-01
Saudi Editor: Normalization with Israel Is the Arabs' Only Option2020-September-29
UAE Writer: Arab Countries' Expulsion of Jews Was Disastrous Mistake2020-September-24
British-Arab Researcher: Iran - Not Israel - Is Responsible for the Deaths of 4 Million Arabs2020-September-07
Video: Iranian Media Air Video Depicting Destruction of U.S. Capitol Building, Washington Monument2020-August-24
Saudi Journalist: Every Arab Country Is Entitled to Establish Relations with Israel2020-August-20
Hamas Leader: "Palestine Must Stretch from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea"2020-August-06
Former Lebanese Minister: Hizbullah Is Occupying Lebanon, It's the Country's Main Problem; It Must Be Dismantled2020-July-23
Former Jordanian Minister: Arabs Need to Act Pragmatically regarding the Palestinian Cause2020-July-13
Qatar's Al Jazeera Broadcasts Islamist Cleric's Appeal to "Kill the Jews"2020-June-02
Saudi Writer: "The Interest of the Arab Homeland Lies with Israel"2020-May-28
Saudi Writer: It Is in our Strategic Interest to Maintain Real Relations with Israel2020-May-18
Jihadists Describe Coronavirus as "Allah's Soldier"2020-April-06
Iranian Academics Hold Iran's Supreme Leader Responsible for the Covid-19 Epidemic Disaster2020-April-03
Iranian Militias Said to Be the Main Vector for Covid-19 Infections in Syria 2020-March-31
Imam on Hamas TV: This Virus Is a Soldier of Allah; Muslims Are the Least Affected2020-March-24

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