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Saudi Arabia's "Saturday Night Massacre" Might Play into U.S. Interests 2017-November-09
Bin Laden Documents Reveal Iran's Secret Dealings with Al-Qaeda2017-November-02
India Arrests Two ISIS-Inspired Men for Planning Attack on Synagogue2017-October-27
Pompeo: Al-Qaeda-Iran Connection an -Open Secret-2017-October-20
U.S. Kills Pakistani Taliban Leader in Afghanistan 2017-October-20
A New U.S. Strategy to Address Iran's Destructive Actions2017-October-16
Europe Expects More Terror Attacks, Even as IS Falters 2017-October-11
Video: Radical Islam 16 Years after the 9/11 Attacks2017-September-15
Documentary Exposes Iranian Involvement in 9/112017-September-12
Why Netanyahu Went to Meet Putin2017-August-24
French Terrorism Expert Explains What Drives Young Europeans to Jihad 2017-August-24
Exploiting Islam2017-August-18
This Time, Terror Hits Spain 2017-August-18
What Happens to Islamic State after the Fall of Its Syrian Capital?2017-August-11
Behind the Sudden Death of a $1 Billion Secret CIA War in Syria2017-August-04
What ISIS Really Thinks about the Future2017-July-07
Gaza's Inhabitants Share the Blame with Hamas 2017-July-07
Is the Tunisian "Arab Spring" about to Repeat in Morocco?2017-June-29
The Fallacy of Israeli Intransigence2017-June-27
Terrorist May Have Lured Police to Deadly Shootout in Australian Suburbs2017-June-06
Manchester Bomb Suspect Said to Have Ties to Al-Qaeda 2017-May-24
U.S. Special Forces Raid Al-Qaeda Compound in Yemen, Kill 7 Terrorists 2017-May-24
Why ISIS Is Bullet-Proof2017-May-19
A U.S. Agenda for the Middle East2017-May-17
U.S. National Security Adviser McMaster Outlines Objectives for Trump's Middle East Visit2017-May-15
The Resurgent Threat of Al-Qaeda 2017-April-24
U.S. Grand Strategy Against ISIS and Al-Qaeda2017-April-20
Erdogan Aims to Islamize Europe2017-April-14
U.S. Ramps Up Drone Strikes on Al-Qaeda in Yemen2017-April-05
New Terrorist Laptop Bombs May Evade Airport Security 2017-April-03
U.S. Priority in Syria No Longer Focused on Getting Assad Out2017-March-31
Trump OKs Ramped-Up Airstrikes Against Al-Qaeda in Somalia2017-March-31
Israeli Report: Thousands of Chinese Jihadists Are Fighting in Syria2017-March-31
U.S. Boosts Military Backing for Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen2017-March-28
A New Strategy Against ISIS and Al-Qaeda2017-March-16
Al-Qaeda Extremists Are Leading the Syrian Insurgency2017-March-15
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Damascus Bombings as Message to Iran 2017-March-14
Iran Poses the Most Significant Threat to U.S. Central Command2017-March-10
Britain Says 13 Terror Attack Plots Foiled since 20132017-March-07
U.S. Air Campaign in Yemen Continues2017-March-07
U.S. Conducts Flurry of Airstrikes Targeting al-Qaeda in Yemen2017-March-03
U.S. Drone Strike in Syria Kills Top Al-Qaeda Leader 2017-February-28
New U.S. National Security Adviser Has a Different Assessment of America's Relationship with Islam 2017-February-23
Netanyahu: Iran Is Dangerous for America and the Arabs Too2017-February-17
Standing with Israel on the Golan Heights2017-February-17
We Can't Let Radical Islam Take Over the World 2017-February-10
U.S. Says It Killed Al-Qaeda Leader in Syria2017-February-09
America Must Stand Against Islamic Extremists2017-February-09
In Syria, Rebels Turn on Each Other2017-February-08
How Assad Is Winning2017-February-08

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