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Report: Qatar Allows Money to Flow to Islamic State, Other Terrorists 2014-December-11
Syrian Al-Qaeda Using Captured UN Vehicles2014-December-11
Two Hostages Killed in Yemen as U.S. Rescue Effort Fails2014-December-08
Pakistan Military Kills Al-Qaeda Leader Wanted in U.S. 2014-December-08
Toronto Mural a Jihadi Battle Cry 2014-December-08
U.S. Options in Syria Shrivel as Islamists and Assad Regime Make Gains2014-December-05
Yemen Exposes Difficulties in U.S. Strategy to Combat Extremist Militants2014-December-05
U.S.-Backed Rebels Push Forward in Southern Syria2014-November-28
The Hamas Charter Calls for the Murder of Jews2014-November-28
Rescuers in Yemen Sought American, Officials Say 2014-November-27
U.S.-Led Raid Rescues Eight Hostages in Yemen 2014-November-26
Syrian Islamists Attack Government-Held Town near Israel2014-November-21
Fivefold Increase in Terrorism Fatalities since 9/11, Says Report2014-November-19
UN Experts Recommend New Sanctions on Terrorists 2014-November-18
Hagel Concerned over Technologies, Weapons Obtained by Hizbullah and Al-Qaeda2014-November-17
Iraq and U.S. Find Some Potential Sunni Allies Have Already Been Lost 2014-November-17
UAE Designates Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization2014-November-17
Islamic State Announces New Caliphate Provinces2014-November-17
IS, Al-Qaeda Reach Accord in Syria2014-November-14
Mobilize a Regional Coalition of Moderates to Confront the Radicals2014-November-14
Report: U.S.-Led Syria Strikes Kill at least 8602014-November-12
Report: Gunmen Kill 5 Nuclear Engineers in Syrian Capital2014-November-11
Do U.S. Officials Believe It Is Advantageous to Have a Nuclear Iran?2014-November-04
Free Syrian Army Consolidating Hold on Israel Border Region2014-November-04
U.S.-Backed Syria Rebels Routed by Fighters Linked to Al-Qaeda2014-November-03
Cousin of Qatari Foreign Minister Convicted for Terrorist Funding 2014-November-03
Hizbullah under Strain as It Battles on Several Fronts2014-October-31
How Islam Has Been Hijacked2014-October-31
Al-Qaeda Stands Behind the ISIS Smokescreen2014-October-29
Terror in Ottawa2014-October-23
A Worrisome Amount of Support in Jordan for the Islamic State2014-October-22
Yemen's Houthis: "Damn the Jews, Victory to Islam"2014-October-22
Will Mahmoud Abbas Reject Israeli Protection?2014-October-21
No Link Between Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the War on ISIS 2014-October-20
March of the Houthis2014-October-17
Report: UN Had Qatar Pay Off Al-Qaeda Fighters for Release of Fiji Peacekeepers2014-October-13
Airstrikes in Syria Didn't End Threat from Khorasan Terror Cell 2014-October-10
Strengthen Moderate Rebels in Southern Syria2014-October-07
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Battles Hizbullah in Lebanon2014-October-06
Sinai Militants Say They Have Beheaded Three Egyptians2014-October-06
Iran's Khamenei Vows "Zionist Regime Close to Collapse and Total Extinction"2014-October-06
Netanyahu: "I Negotiate with an Enemy Who Wants to Stop Being My Enemy" 2014-October-06
Anti-Semites Gather in Iran for Regime-Sponsored Hate-Fest2014-October-03
The Khorasan Group Should Scare Us2014-October-02
Photos after U.S. Airstrike on Khorasan Group - a Unit of the Nusra Front 2014-October-01
White House Exempts Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq from Tight Standards on Civilian Deaths 2014-October-01
Defense Minister Ya'alon Rules Out Notion of West Bank Withdrawal2014-October-01
Jihadi War in Sinai2014-September-30
Report: Khorasan Leader Killed by U.S. Strike in Syria2014-September-29
FBI Chief: Khorasan Plot May Still Be Alive2014-September-29

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