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U.S. Drone Strikes Kill 12 Yemen Militants including Top Leader2016-February-04
The Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem: An Extremist Megaphone2016-February-03
A Defense of the U.S.-Saudi Relationship 2016-January-29
Chaos in Libya a Growing Draw for Extremists2016-January-28
U.S. Pastor Freed by Iran Says He Was Tortured2016-January-26
Obama: "How Do We Keep America Safe and Lead the World Without Becoming Its Policeman"2016-January-13
Al-Qaeda Threatens to Attack Rome, Naples and Madrid 2016-January-12
Domestic Issues Fuel Saudi-Iranian Spat2016-January-05
Video: As the Mideast Descends into Chaos, Israel Must Have Defensible Borders2016-January-05
Saudi Arabia Executes 47, including Top Shiite Cleric2016-January-04
Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties with Iran after Embassy Torched in Tehran2016-January-04
Al-Qaeda-Linked Groups Seeking to Take Back Spotlight from Islamic State2015-December-29
Sixty People Charged with Terrorism in U.S. in 2015 - a Record2015-December-28
"Moderate Islam" Isn't Working 2015-December-25
The Reconfiguration of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt2015-December-23
U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Group on Verge of Collapse 2015-December-15
FBI Says It Is Refocused on Movement of Islamic State Recruits into U.S.2015-December-11
U.S. Citizen Charged with Smuggling to Islamic Militants in Syria 2015-December-09
A Global Strategy for Combating Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State2015-December-08
Islamic State vs. Al-Qaeda: Strategic Dimensions of a Patricidal Conflict2015-December-08
Expert: Palestinian Terror Is Directed from Above2015-December-08
For Israel: ISIS Is Bad, But the Iranian Axis Is the Graver Threat2015-December-02
Suicide Bomber Takes Out Leadership of ISIS Brigade in Syrian Golan2015-November-25
Islamic State Presence in the U.S. Is "the New Normal," FBI Director Says2015-November-23
Making Sense of ISIS2015-November-20
Syria Rebels Plan Suicide Attacks on Russians 2015-October-14
Al-Qaeda in Syria Calls for Revenge Attacks on Russia 2015-October-14
The Bigger Villain Whitewashes the Crimes of the Lesser Villain 2015-October-14
U.S. Judge Dismisses Sept. 11 Victims' Case Against Saudi Arabia2015-September-30
U.S. Says Rebel Commander It Trained Surrendered Trucks and Ammunition in Syria2015-September-29
Report: Syria to Give Hizbullah Soviet Tanks2015-September-29
Pentagon Denies U.S.-Trained Rebels Defected to al-Qaeda Affiliate in Syria2015-September-24
The Muslim Schism over Jerusalem2015-September-22
Islamic Militants Kill 56 Captive Syrian Soldiers 2015-September-21
Terror Fears as Iran Frees Al-Qaeda Members2015-September-16
Was Netanyahu Right to Fight the Iran Deal?2015-September-07
Report: Turkey Tipped Off Al-Qaeda Group to U.S.-Trained Fighters Entering Syria2015-August-26
ISIS Gains from the West's Weakness2015-August-20
Iran Quds Force Commander Soleimani Visited Moscow in Defiance of Sanctions 2015-August-07
Europe Goes Back to the "Peace Process"2015-July-24
U.S. Airstrike Kills Leader of Qaeda Cell in Syria2015-July-22
Cameron: Islamic Extremist Ideology, Not Injustice or Poverty, Is the Root Cause of the Threat Facing Britain 2015-July-22
The Arab World's Anti-Israel Front Is Crumbling2015-July-17
Netanyahu: Iran Nuclear Deal Poses Threat to U.S., Israel2015-July-16
U.S. May Backtrack on Suspending Only Nuclear-Related Sanctions in Iran Deal2015-June-30
Israeli Druze Send NIS 10M for Arms to Syrian Brethren 2015-June-16
Al-Qaeda Confirms U.S. Strike Killed Its No. 2 Leader2015-June-16
To U.S. Allies, Al-Qaeda Affiliate in Syria Becomes the Lesser Evil2015-June-12
UN Keeps Israel Off List of Worst Child Rights Violators2015-June-09
Hamas' Islamic State Woes2015-June-08

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