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Al-Qaeda in Sinai Plotted Attack on Israel-Egypt Gas Lines2009-July-06
The Marginalization of the Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Arab World2009-July-02
U.S. Supreme Court Won't Hear Sept. 11 Claims vs. Saudi Arabia2009-June-30
Turks Increasingly Turn to Islamic Extremism 2009-June-30
Tehran Backs Hizbullah Operations Around the World2009-June-29
Hizbullah Seen as Bigger Threat to U.S. than Al-Qaeda 2009-June-26
Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists 2009-June-24
Legal Experts Say International Law Will Adjust to War Against Terrorism2009-June-24
Al-Qaeda Says It Would Use Pakistani Nuclear Weapons 2009-June-22
Man Convicted of Terrorist Support, Videotaped Potential Targets in D.C. Area 2009-June-12
Report: Hizbullah Terrorists Caught in Azerbaijan Had Iranian Passports 2009-June-12
Does Gen. Petraeus Really Believe Hizbullah Exists Only Because of the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute?2009-June-10
Al-Qaeda No. 2 Zawahri Urges Egyptians to Reject "Criminal" Obama 2009-June-04
Bin Laden's Obama Criticism a Sign He Is Worried2009-June-04
Al-Qaeda Eyes Bio Attack on U.S. from Mexico2009-June-04
Al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorists Arrested for Cairo Bomb Attack2009-May-27
Why Syria Fuels the Iraqi Insurgency2009-May-27
New York Bomb Plotters "Eager to Bring Death to Jews"2009-May-22
U.S. Has Plan to Secure Pakistan Nukes if Country Falls to Taliban2009-May-18
Petraeus: Al-Qaeda No Longer Operating in Afghanistan 2009-May-14
Man Convicted of Building Terrorist Training Camp in U.S.2009-May-13
Ten Arrested in UK Anti-Terrorism Raids "Linked to Al-Qaeda"2009-May-13
Al-Qaeda Suspects "Plotted Attack on Britain" from Behind Bars2009-May-13
Five Men Convicted in Miami Terrorism Trial 2009-May-13
Terrorist Traffic Via Syria Returns2009-May-11
U.S. Must Work to Prevent Muslim Radicalization 2009-May-08
Israeli Concessions Will Not Soften Iran, They Will Have the Opposite Effect2009-May-04
Al-Qaeda Sleeper Agent in U.S. Pleads Guilty2009-May-01
The Pakistani Dilemma2009-April-20
Israel Doesn't Need to Be Pushed to Seek Peace 2009-April-10
Obama: Al-Qaeda Not Motivated by Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2009-April-06
Netanyahu: Iran Is the Terrorist "Mother Regime"2009-April-01
Hizbullah Uses Mexican Drug Routes into U.S. 2009-March-30
West Turns Blind Eye to Saudi Arabia, a Friend It Dare Not Offend2009-March-27
An Islamist Split on Al-Qaeda? 2009-March-20
Al-Qaeda's Terrorist Web in Africa2009-March-19
Radical British Muslims Help Fight Coalition Forces in Afghanistan2009-March-17
Bin Laden Calls for Jihad to "Liberate" Jordan and Palestine2009-March-16
Fear and Loathing in Riyadh - of Tehran2009-March-16
Report: Islamists Are Main Terrorist Threat in Italy 2009-March-13
Netanyahu Aide Skeptical on Syria Talks 2009-March-13
Al-Qaeda's Economic Crisis2009-March-12
A Middle East Reality Check Revisited2009-March-10
Muslim Publics Oppose Al-Qaeda Attacks on Civilians, But Approve Attacks on U.S. Troops in Muslim Countries2009-February-27
Why Accept Hamas' Definition of a Cease-Fire?2009-February-27
Israel Responds to Amnesty Report2009-February-23
Al-Qaeda Tells Hamas: Don't Accept Truce2009-February-23
What Israeli Identity Crisis? 2009-February-19
The Coming Swarm 2009-February-17
CIA Warns Israel of Al-Qaeda Attack in Turkey 2009-February-06

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