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The U.S. Is Underengaged in the Middle East 2013-March-22
Hamas: We Are Not Terrorists; We Just Want to Destroy Israel2013-March-22
Al-Qaeda Veteran Charged in New York2013-March-21
Islamic Law Comes to Rebel-Held Syria2013-March-20
PA's Welcome to Obama: Americans Behind 9/11 Attacks2013-March-20
CIA Begins Sizing Up Islamic Extremists in Syria for Drone Strikes 2013-March-18
If a Palestinian State Were Established2013-March-15
Syria's Bloody Anniversary 2013-March-15
The Media's True Failure in Gaza 2013-March-15
Salafis Push for a Puritanical Egypt2013-March-14
IDF Sees Continuing Syrian Stalemate 2013-March-08
Meet Israel's New Neighbors in Syria2013-March-08
Dozens of Syrian Troops Killed in Iraq after Seeking Refuge2013-March-05
Covert Auctions in Egypt Put Arms that Freed Libya into Hands of Terrorists2013-March-04
Yes, Europe, Hizbullah Is a Terror Group2013-March-04
Report: One-Third of Hizbullah's Forces Are in Syria2013-March-01
British Jihadi Suicide Bomb Gang Guilty of Plotting Terror Attack2013-February-22
IDF Chief of Staff: Risk of Terrorism from Syria Growing2013-February-18
U.S. Options in Syria Worsen2013-February-15
Israel at UN: Hizbullah Remains Conspicuously Absent from EU List of Terrorist Groups2013-February-13
Will the Al-Qaeda Affiliates Ousting Assad Turn to Israel Next? 2013-February-12
The Pharaoh Fell, But His Poisonous Legacy Lingers2013-February-11
Barack Obama's Visit to Israel "Will Focus on Iran, Not Peace Talks"2013-February-08
Is Palestinian-Israeli Peace the Key to Happiness in the Middle East?2013-February-08
U.S. Has Secret Drone Base in Saudi Arabia 2013-February-06
Al-Qaeda Affiliate in North Africa Said to Have Sights on Other Western Targets 2013-February-01
Countering al-Qaeda 2.02013-January-31
Hizbullah and the Qods Force in Iran's Shadow War with the West2013-January-31
The Islamist Challenge from the Sahel Region and North Africa 2013-January-30
In Northern Mali's War, Al-Qaeda Affiliate Is Directing the Fight2013-January-30
Israel on High Alert over Syrian WMDs2013-January-29
The North African Threat to Europe 2013-January-28
Disrupting the Ecosystem of Extremism2013-January-25
Reports of Al-Qaeda's Death Greatly Exaggerated 2013-January-25
Obama's Wishful Thinking Abroad2013-January-22
More Than 80 Dead in Algeria Siege2013-January-21
Al-Qaeda Branch's Image Soars after Algeria Hostage Drama2013-January-21
The Hostage Kidnapping in Algeria Was Planned Before France's Mali Intervention2013-January-21
Jihadists' Surge in North Africa Reveals Grim Side of Arab Spring2013-January-21
Al-Qaeda, Again2013-January-21
Al-Qaeda's Dangerous Play in Mali 2013-January-15
Worries about a "Failed State" in Syria2013-January-14
Jabhat al-Nusra, a Leading Islamist Group Fighting Assad in Syria2013-January-09
Assad Vows to Fight On, Rejects Peace Efforts2013-January-07
Report: Al-Qaeda Affiliate Leading Syrian Rebels' Fight for Key Damascus Area2013-January-04
Iran Spy Network 30,000 Strong2013-January-04
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Offers 3 Kg. of Gold for Murder of U.S. Ambassador 2013-January-02
Gaining a Clearer View of the Syrian Civil War 2013-January-02
Hizbullah Partners with Mexican Drug Cartels2013-January-01
The Syrian Islamist Militia Jabhat al-Nusra 2012-December-27

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