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Al-Qaeda Taking Deadly New Role in Syria Conflict 2012-July-25
Prince Bandar: New Saudi Spy Chief 2012-July-25
Netanyahu: Hizbullah and Iran Behind Bulgaria Bombing 2012-July-23
Jordan's King Abdullah: Syrian Chemical Weapons Could Fall into Al-Qaeda Hands 2012-July-19
Looking for a Syrian Endgame2012-July-19
Israel: Syria Moving Troops from Golan to Damascus2012-July-18
Jihad in Syria: The Penetration of Radical Islam in the Syrian Conflict2012-July-18
Is Assad Threatening Israel?2012-July-16
Syria's Ambassador to Iraq: Why I Defected from Bashar al-Assad's Regime 2012-July-16
Pilot's Escape from Syria Illustrates Difficulty of Defecting2012-July-16
Pew Poll of Arab World: Iran, Hamas, Hizbullah, Al-Qaeda Not Viewed Favorably 2012-July-13
Documents Found on Body of Al-Qaeda's African Leader Detail Plans for Kidnapping, Attacks on London Jews2012-July-12
The Syrian Government's Support For and Complicity In Terrorism 2012-July-12
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader Calls for Jihad on Israel2012-July-10
Jihadists Claim Responsibility for Attacks across Syria2012-July-05
Will Egypt's Morsi Change?2012-July-04
MI-5: Arab Spring Creating New Al-Qaeda Sanctuaries2012-June-29
How Long Can the Free Syrian Army Hold Off Its Islamist Rivals?2012-June-29
Muslim Terrorists from Arab Countries Operating Inside Gaza2012-June-25
Terror from Sinai: Global Jihadist Groups on Israel's Doorstep2012-June-22
Report: Turkish IHH Gave Money to Al-Qaeda 2012-June-15
A Second Afghanistan in Mali? 2012-June-15
Saudi Arabia to Lead UN Counter Terrorism Initiative 2012-June-15
The Syrian Uprising: Syrian Discourse on the Social Networks, June 20122012-June-08
Drone Strike Killed No. 2 in Al-Qaeda, U.S. Official Says2012-June-06
War Is Marching to Damascus2012-June-04
Will Al-Qaeda Cement Its Foothold in Syria? 2012-June-01
Veteran Lebanese Fighter Trains New Generation of Jihadis - Against Syria's Assad 2012-June-01
Al-Qaeda and the Jihadists Join the Battle Against the Syrian Regime2012-May-29
A Shameful Impasse on Syria2012-May-11
Egypt Launches Security Operation to Purge Sinai of Militants2012-May-10
Bomber in Plot on U.S. Airliner Said to Be Saudi Double Agent 2012-May-09
Libyan Missiles on the Loose 2012-May-09
Plot to Bomb U.S.-Bound Plane Thwarted in Yemen 2012-May-08
Al-Qaeda Terrorist Tied to Bombing of USS Cole Killed in Yemen Airstrike2012-May-07
Bin Laden Documents at a Glance2012-May-04
Assad Plays the Sectarian Card 2012-May-04
Sinai Instability Threatens Egypt-Israel Peace 2012-May-04
Poll: Muslims Think Poorly of Al-Qaeda2012-May-03
Documents Reveal Al-Qaeda's Plans for Seizing Cruise Ships, Carnage in Europe2012-May-02
50 Attacks on Sinai Police Since Egypt Uprising 2012-May-02
Syria Attacks Seen as Sign of Extremists' Rise2012-May-01
Iranian Complicity in 9/11? 2012-April-05
France Deports Islamist Militants, Imams amid Crackdown2012-April-03
Legalizing Targeted Killings 2012-April-03
Ethnic Cleansing of Syrian Christians 2012-March-29
U.S. Intelligence Agencies Refocusing on Iran 2012-March-27
France's Jihadist Shooter Was No Lone Wolf 2012-March-26
Dozens of French Muslims Training with Taliban in Pakistan2012-March-26
Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti: "Destroy All the Churches" 2012-March-23

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