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Israel Developing Armed Robots That Hop Over Obstacles2008-December-12
Crossing All the Lines 2008-December-11
Al-Qaeda Leader Calls on Americans to Embrace Islam2008-December-01
London Conference on Abuse of "Universal Jurisdiction"2008-November-27
Al-Qaeda Declares War on Obama 2008-November-20
Closing Arguments in Holy Land Foundation Terrorism Financing Case2008-November-12
Top Al-Qaeda Planner of Baghdad Bombings Slain 2008-November-07
Hamas' Vicious AqsaTube 2008-October-24
French Internet Service Provider Cancels New Hamas Website 2008-October-17
My Breakfast with Mahmoud 2008-September-26
Palestinian Rights Group Calls for Probe Against Hamas2008-September-18
YouTube Bans Terrorism Training Videos2008-September-12
Al-Qaeda No. 2 Blasts Iran for Working with U.S.2008-September-09
New Zawahri Tape Blasts Hizbullah and Lebanon's Sunnis 2008-September-09
Wanted: Palestinian Author of Al-Qaeda Bomb-Making Manual 2008-September-05
With Ahmadinejad's Visit, Turkey Bows to the Dark Side 2008-August-20
Digitizing the Holocaust 2008-August-14
Islamic Terror Trial Opens in Denmark2008-August-05
Qaeda Deputy Zawahiri Releases Video in English2008-August-05
Video: Palestinians in Gaza Make Rockets, Train for War 2008-July-30
Al-Qaeda Video Urges Muslims to Kill Saudi King for Hosting Interfaith Conference2008-July-29
Hamas Using Former Synagogues to Train Gunmen 2008-July-16
Bomb Belt Found in Tel Aviv, Hamas Bomb-Makers Arrested in West Bank 2008-July-09
Facebook in the Middle East 2008-June-27
Presbyterians Debate Anti-Israel Measures 2008-June-26
American Jewish Leader Addresses the Iranian People on the Internet 2008-June-25
New York Times Reporter Seduced by NGOs' "Halo" 2008-June-24
Florida Terror Suspect Pleads Guilty 2008-June-17
The Man Who Brought Down Islamic Jihad's Chief Rocket Engineer 2008-June-17
Al-Qaeda Groups Active in Gaza after Year under Hamas2008-June-11
British Muslim Admits Plot to Set Off Explosives at Heathrow Airport 2008-June-05
Kidnap Try Suspected in Bombing at Border Crossing 2008-May-23
Lieberman Wants Terrorist Content Yanked from YouTube2008-May-22
Video Links North Koreans to Syrian Reactor2008-April-24
North Koreans Taped at Syrian Reactor2008-April-24
Terrorist Conspirator in UK "Took on New Identity to Join in Transatlantic Bomb Plot"2008-April-09
Libyan Citizens Not Quite Free 2008-March-31
"Dead" Palestinian Suicide Bombers Resurface in Egypt2008-February-29
LA Benefit Salutes Sderot's Children2008-February-27
Hamas Airs "Confessions of Pro-Abbas Plotters"2008-February-19
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Offers Palestinians Military and Economic Aid - and Help in Manufacturing Rockets2008-February-18
Where Are the Gaza Terrorists Sent to Infiltrate Israel? 2008-February-06
Muslim "Charity Worker" Planned to Kidnap British Muslim Soldier and Behead Him2008-January-30
Peril Posed by Tehran a Theme of His Mideast Trip, Bush Says2008-January-09
Al-Qaeda Calls for Attacks on President Bush During Mideast Trip2008-January-07
The Unholy Return of the Palestinian Pilgrims 2008-January-03
Egypt Warns Israel of Diplomatic Reprisals2008-January-01
Egypt's Mubarak Says Israel Faked Smuggling Evidence2007-December-28
A New, Younger Jihadi Threat Emerges2007-December-28
More Tapes Showing Egyptian Complicity in Gaza Smuggling 2007-December-26

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