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Videotapes of Egyptians Helping Hamas Not Shown to Congress2007-December-21
Virgins of Paradise Music Video Returns to PA TV 2007-December-21
Israel Has Video of Egypt Helping Hamas Terrorists Cross Gaza Border2007-December-18
Egyptian College Student Arrested in Florida Discussed Explosives in Video 2007-November-23
Video: IDF Hits Palestinian Rocket Cell in Gaza 2007-November-22
The Al-Dura Affair 2007-November-20
Billionaire Setting Up Political Movement to Challenge Fatah, Hamas 2007-November-16
Sarkozy Petitioned on al-Dura2007-November-08
Palestinian Terrorists Fire Mortars at Israel from Gaza Schoolyard 2007-November-01
PA TV Sings to Israel's Destruction2007-October-30
Show of Force 2007-October-26
BBC's Alan Johnston: I Imagined My Beheading2007-October-26
An Internet Jihad Sells Extremism to Viewers in the U.S.2007-October-15
A Priest Methodically Reveals Ukrainian Jews' Fate2007-October-12
Errors and Distortions in CNN's "God's Jewish Warriors"2007-October-09
BBC Journalist's Kidnapper Killed in Gaza Raid2007-September-28
Virginia Appointee Resigns After Videos Show Him Advocating "the Jihad Way"2007-September-28
Access the Largest Counter-Terrorism Data Base in the World2007-September-26
Hamas Video Lauds "Chunks of Flesh of Jews"2007-September-24
French Judge Orders Court Screening of Al-Dura Video Footage2007-September-21
Al-Zawahiri to the U.S.: "Do Not Ask President Bush When The Soldiers Will Return - Ask Instead How Many Will Return"2007-September-21
Trolling the Internet for Messages from Terrorists2007-September-12
Bin Laden Tells U.S. to Convert to Islam2007-September-10
Bahrain Petition Launched to Ban Hizbullah Game2007-August-29
The Dark Genius of Hizbullah2007-August-17
Shocking Video from the Holy Land Foundation Trial 2007-August-15
Hizbullah Museum Celebrates "Divine Victory" Over Israel2007-August-14
Holy Land Trial Turns to Israeli Agent2007-August-10
New England Methodists Weigh Divestment from Israel2007-August-02
Hamas Aims to Capitalize on Intelligence Gains from Gaza Takeover2007-July-30
Losing My Jihadism 2007-July-24
Message of Sunni Insurgents in Iraq Penetrates Mainstream Arab Media2007-July-13
Al-Qaeda Deputy Leader Urges Strikes on West 2007-July-06
Terrorism's Hook into Your Inbox2007-July-06
Terror Threat in Germany2007-June-27
The Guidebook for Taking a Life 2007-June-12
U.S. Taxpayer-Financed Arabic Network Was Set Up to Counter Al-Jazeera, Not Echo It2007-June-08
Four Accused of Plot to Blow Up Kennedy Airport in New York2007-June-04
What If Israelis Had Abducted the BBC Man?2007-June-04
Sderot Mayor Vows to Keep City Forever2007-June-01
Video Released of BBC Reporter Kidnapped in Gaza2007-June-01
U.S., Saudis at Odds Over TV Station 2007-June-01
Al-Qaeda Video Threatens Attacks on U.S.2007-May-30
Hamas TV Promotes Child Martyrs2007-May-30
Female Suicide Bombers "Eagerly Await" IDF Soldiers in Gaza2007-May-21
Lessons from the Fort Dix Six 2007-May-11
Al-Qaeda Tactics Expand in Gaza 2007-May-11
Taliban Video of Boy Executioner Causes Anger2007-April-27
Praising Terror 2007-April-27
Israel Protests Anti-Semitic Russian Video Clip 2007-April-17

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