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Arab League Rejects Palestinian Resolution to Condemn Israel-UAE Deal2020-September-10
Video: Iranian Media Air Video Depicting Destruction of U.S. Capitol Building, Washington Monument2020-August-24
Video Shows New Israeli Laser System Intercepting Gaza Arson Balloons2020-August-24
Hizbullah's School of Cyberwarfare2020-August-20
What We Know about the Blasts in Beirut2020-August-10
How the Mossad Hunted the "Butcher of Riga" Who Murdered 30,000 Jews2020-August-06
Israeli Video Gives Glimpse of "Spiderman" Urban Assault Drone 2020-July-30
U.S. Military Chief Visits Israel amid Tensions with Iran2020-July-27
Iranian Spies Accidentally Leaked Videos of Themselves Hacking 2020-July-20
Netanyahu: Applying Israeli Law in Part of West Bank Will Advance Peace2020-June-29
Police Release Video of Palestinian Car-Ramming Attack2020-June-25
Massive Explosions after Airstrikes at Army Bases in Syria2020-June-24
Whistleblower Exposes Palestinian Authority Corruption 2020-June-18
The Gaza They Do Not Want You to See 2020-June-12
The Abyss that Divides the Israeli Leadership from the PA Leadership 2020-June-04
Turkish-Backed Syrian Militias Target Kurds in Northern Syria 2020-June-03
Israel Helps Congo Establish First Drive-Thru Covid-19 Testing Facility2020-June-03
Video: Technion Gives Prosthetic Hands to Children2020-June-02
Lebanese Demand Bread, Hizbullah Offers Fantasies 2020-June-01
Hamas Leader: Iran Is Our Top Financial and Military Supporter2020-May-21
In Midst of Pandemic, an Israeli Defense Company Quietly Changed the Face of Hospitals 2020-May-08
Documentary Highlights Americans Who Fought for Israel's Independence 2020-May-01
Report: Israel Suppressed Syrian Radar and Defense Systems during Attack2020-April-30
Video: The Covid-19 Miracle2020-April-28
Israel Spares Hizbullah Fighters to Avert a War2020-April-23
Iranian Vessels "Harass" U.S. Navy Ships in Arabian Sea 2020-April-16
IDF: Syria Helping Hizbullah Move into Golan Heights2020-April-13
Iran Deploys Missiles Covering the Strait of Hormuz2020-April-08
U.S. Hostage in Iranian Custody Robert Levinson Believed Dead 2020-March-26
Palestinian Militants in Gaza Enlist in Fight Against Coronavirus2020-March-26
Three Palestinians Arrested for Torching Refugee Camp on Greek Island 2020-March-24
Israeli President Rivlin Reads via Social Media to Kids Stuck at Home2020-March-23
Can the Arab World Cope with the Coronavirus? 2020-March-18
Security Aspects of the U.S. Peace Plan2020-March-17
Video Shows PA Disinfecting West Bank Checkpoint, Arab MK Accuses IDF of "Atrocity"2020-March-16
Will Iran's Regime Survive Coronavirus?2020-March-16
Coronavirus: All Travelers to Israel to Face Two-Week Quarantine2020-March-10
Turkish Drones Revolutionize Warfare in Syria 2020-March-03
Israel: Gaza Terrorist's Body to Be Held to Gain Release of IDF Soldiers' Bodies2020-February-24
U.S. Troops Exchange Fire with Pro-Assad Gunmen in Syria 2020-February-13
Never Again? What about Palestinian Anti-Semitism?2020-January-29
Palestinian Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque: We Will Soon Establish the Caliphate, Liberate Jerusalem and Conquer Rome2020-January-20
Ukraine Airliner Was Hit by a Second Missile over Iran, Video Shows2020-January-15
Pompeo "Disavows" Carter-Era Anti-Settlement Policy 2020-January-09
Iraq Anti-Government Protesters Sing, Dance after Soleimani Death2020-January-03
Palestinian Boys Are Raised to Be "Martyrs"2020-January-03
ISIS Executes 11 Christians in Nigeria in Revenge for Baghdadi's Death2019-December-30
Saudi Arabia Withdraws Citizenship of Pro-Israel Journalist2019-December-18
U.S.: Iran Protesters Showing No Hostility toward America2019-December-16
New Jersey Attackers Linked to Anti-Semitic Fringe Movement2019-December-13

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