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Looted Libyan Arms May Find Way to Terrorists 2011-March-04
The UN Should Heed Israel's Carefully Documented Report on the Gaza Flotilla - Because It's True 2011-February-01
Khalid Sheik Mohammed Killed U.S. Journalist Daniel Pearl, Report Finds2011-January-20
Time Magazine Takes Israel Hatred to a New Level2011-January-12
Angst about Islamist Groups Goes Mainstream in Germany 2011-January-11
Media Watch: Most Ignored Story of 2010? Israel2011-January-05
Anti-Christian Drumbeat Loud before Egypt Attack 2011-January-05
The Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel 2010-December-24
YouTube Removes Palestinian Media Watch Channel2010-December-20
Hamas Video: Allah, Kill Christians and Jews "to the Last One" 2010-December-10
Kidnapped Iranian: We're Making Nukes 2010-November-29
A Second Look at the Silwan Incident2010-November-24
Lessons of Hate at Islamic Schools in Britain 2010-November-23
D.C. Metro Bomb Suspect Aimed to Be Martyr 2010-October-29
Does the PA Fulfill the Criteria for an Independent State? 2010-October-18
The Jerusalem Car Accident Video2010-October-11
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Plan Cyber Army to "Conquer Virtual Space"2010-October-07
The Latest Al-Qaeda Alarms 2010-October-04
Netanyahu: UN Report on Gaza Flotilla Raid Is Biased and Distorted2010-September-24
Radical Islam on Rise in Balkans2010-September-22
British Military Hero Richard Kemp Explains Why He Defended Israel, Challenged Goldstone Report 2010-September-17
USAID Funding for "Geneva Initiative" Ad Campaign 2010-September-17
Hamas Video Presents the "Liberation of Tel Aviv"2010-September-14
PA TV to Kids: Israeli Cities Haifa, Jaffa, Lod, Ramle, Acre Are All "Occupied Cities"2010-August-31
Video: The Iranian Bomb - The Song 2010-August-25
Iran Unveils Unmanned Aerial Bomber2010-August-23
Police in Chile Guard Jews after Anti-Semitic Attacks2010-August-18
Video: Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone2010-August-13
Former Fatah Operatives in Gaza Announce Military Wing2010-August-13
Two Convicted in Kennedy Airport Plot2010-August-03
Confronting History's Longest Hatred2010-July-16
Times Square Bomber Video: "The Muslim War Has Just Begun"2010-July-15
Satirizing for Israel2010-July-14
Three British Muslims Convicted in Airliner Bomb Plot2010-July-09
Video: IHH Leader Incited to Violence on the Mavi Marmara 2010-June-21
Iran Can't Hide Its Shame 2010-June-18
Satirical Video: Iran, Turkey, Syria - The Three Terrors - Sing "Jihad Is Sweet, Jihad Is Fun" 2010-June-18
Israeli Civil Rights Group Asks YouTube to Repost Flotilla Satire Video 2010-June-15
U.S. Senate Leaders: Consider Turkish IHH for Terror List2010-June-15
YouTube Removes "We Con the World" Video after Clip Gets 3 Million Views 2010-June-14
UN Must Investigate Turkey2010-June-11
When Will the West Learn Arab Psychology?2010-June-11
Mavi Marmara Crew Members Describe IHH Preparations for Violent Confrontation2010-June-11
Israeli PR Machine Won Gaza Flotilla Media Battle 2010-June-08
Why Does Israel Blockade Gaza? 2010-June-04
Israel Navy: Three Commandos Nearly Taken Hostage in Gaza Flotilla Raid2010-June-04
IDF Identifies Mercenary Group Responsible for Flotilla Violence 2010-June-04
Israel Had No Choice over Gaza Flotilla 2010-June-03
Israel and the Flotilla 2010-June-03
An Assault, Cloaked in Peace 2010-June-03

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