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FBI Foils ISIS-Inspired Attack on U.S. Capitol2015-January-15
Murder of Jews at Prayer Promoted in Hamas Video2015-January-15
Paris Supermarket Attacker Claims Allegiance to Islamic State in Video2015-January-12
Sisi First Egyptian President to Attend Coptic Christmas Mass2015-January-07
Hamas Forces Practice Takeover of IDF Posts and Abduction of Soldiers near Gaza2015-January-07
Hamas Drills Cross-Border Attacks on IDF Posts 2014-December-30
Hamas Circulates Instructional Video on Proper Stabbing Techniques 2014-December-29
The Islamic State Is Failing at Being a State2014-December-26
Islamic State Recruits Entire Families2014-December-25
Al-Aqsa TV Reporter Killed in Gaza War Turns Out to Be Hamas Fighter2014-December-12
Video: IDF Doctor Stopped from Treating Abu Ein2014-December-11
China's Baidu Invests $3 Million in Israeli Start-Up2014-December-09
Two Hostages Killed in Yemen as U.S. Rescue Effort Fails2014-December-08
Toronto Mural a Jihadi Battle Cry 2014-December-08
Bulgaria Charges Radical Imam, Six Others with Supporting Islamic State2014-November-28
In a Video, ISIS Fighters Call for Attacks in France2014-November-21
UN Removes Gazan from List of "Journalists Killed in Wars" after Hamas Membership Revealed2014-November-18
IS-Allied Sinai Terrorists Vow to "Liberate Jerusalem"2014-November-18
U.S. Aid Worker Peter Kassig Beheaded by Islamic State 2014-November-17
Netanyahu to U.S.: Iran Is Not Your Friend2014-November-17
Palestinian Rioters Launching Fireworks and Firebombs Damage the Al-Aqsa Mosque 2014-November-14
U.S. Sailors Attacked in Istanbul by Turkish Mob2014-November-13
Iraqi Shiite Militias Grow Brutal in Anti-IS Fight2014-November-11
Palestinian Radicals Are Desecrating the Al-Aqsa Mosque2014-November-07
The UK, Swedish and Irish Parliamentary Recognition of Palestine - Legally, Historically and Politically Questionable2014-October-28
Report: UN Had Qatar Pay Off Al-Qaeda Fighters for Release of Fiji Peacekeepers2014-October-13
Slaughter Is Feared as ISIS Nears Turkish Border2014-October-07
Islamic State Beheads Second Briton, Threatens to Kill Ex-U.S. Army Ranger2014-October-06
Sinai Militants Say They Have Beheaded Three Egyptians2014-October-06
Netanyahu to Tell Obama of Arab States' Role in Peace Process2014-October-01
Islamic State's Bloody Message Machine2014-October-01
British Medical Journal Lancet Hijacked in Anti-Israel Campaign2014-September-23
The Islamic State vs. Al-Qaeda 2014-September-19
The Islamic State Stands for Mass Murder and Barbarism 2014-September-19
Why Great Palestinian Victories Are Worse than Defeats 2014-September-17
ISIS Beheads British Hostage David Haines2014-September-15
Evidence Growing that Hamas Used Residential Areas as Cover for Firing Rockets at Israel2014-September-12
Asymmetrical Morality and Asymmetrical Victory2014-September-12
ISIS Is Spreading, Experts Warn2014-September-11
Brussels Museum Shooting Suspect Was Syria Hostage Torturer 2014-September-08
ISIS Threatens Russia: We Will Liberate Chechnya and the Caucasus2014-September-05
Here's What Really Happened in the Gaza War - According to the Israelis2014-September-04
Islamic State Beheads U.S. Hostage Steven Sotloff2014-September-03
Sinai Jihadists Claim Five More Beheadings2014-September-03
Did Iran Stage "Downing" of Israeli Drone? 2014-September-01
Sinai Militant Group Says It Beheaded Four Egyptians2014-August-28
In Islamist-Ruled Mosul, Iraq, Resentment of Militants Grows2014-August-28
TIME Retracts IDF Organ Harvesting Charge2014-August-25
Hamas' Illegal Use of Civilian Infrastructure during the Gaza War2014-August-22
Islamic State Claims It Executed American Photojournalist James Foley, Holds Another U.S. Reporter 2014-August-20

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