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Saudi Columnist: Iran Is The Real Enemy, Not Israel2017-June-07
Saudi Journalist to Palestinian Leaders: It Is Time for Peace with Israel2017-May-25
Abbas Presses Demand that Britain Apologize for Balfour Declaration2017-May-18
Palestinian Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque Calls to Annihilate the Jews and Destroy the Palestinian Authority2017-May-12
Palestinian Daily Reports on Abbas' White House Visit 2017-May-09
The Palestinian "Culture of Peace"2017-May-05
ISIS' Relations with the Local Population in Sinai2017-April-27
How Egypt Deals with Hamas Tunnels2017-April-18
Is Iran a Paper Tiger? 2017-April-04
Hamas Leader: The Quran Tells Us to Drive the Jews Out of All of Palestine2017-March-21
Is Russia Abandoning Iran in Syria? 2017-March-16
Arab Editor Lauds Released Murderer of Israeli Schoolgirls as Beacon of Pan-Arabism2017-March-15
Former Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath: Saudi King Abdullah Financed the Second Intifada2017-March-06
Palestinian Ambassador to Iran: I Pray that Iran Will Produce 1,000 Nuclear Bombs2017-February-27
Video: At Palestinian University Demonstration, the Protesters Carry Automatic Weapons2017-February-03
Palestinian Foreign Minister Threatens Legal Action If Britain Ignores Demands for Reparations for Balfour Declaration2017-February-03
The Palestinian Cause Is No Longer the Arabs' Primary Concern2017-January-27
Iran's Ahwazi Arab People Deserve Self-Determination2017-January-20
Arab World: A Violent Region in Turbulent Times2017-January-12
Egyptian Cleric: The Jewish "Cancer" Gnaws Away at Our Nation2017-January-11
Fatah Official at Hamas Rally Salutes Al-Qassam Brigades: Anyone Who Bears Arms for Palestine Is Sacred to Us2016-December-29
ISIS Releases Video Showing Berlin Attacker Anis Amri Swearing Fealty to Caliph Baghdadi2016-December-26
Was U.S. Money Transferred to Iran Used to Expand Iran's Military Budget?2016-December-23
Iran Opens Amusement Park to Teach Kids to Fight Israel, USA2016-December-05
Palestinian Cleric Urges Muslims to Nuke Israel2016-November-24
Mosque Loudspeakers Disturb the Arab and Muslim Public Too2016-November-22
Iranian Reformist Refuses to Step on American, Israeli Flags2016-November-16
ISIS Says American Muslims Who Vote Are Apostates, Calls for Killing Muslim, Christian, and Women Voters2016-November-07
Iran: We Can Mobilize 9 Million Fighters within 10 Days2016-October-06
Al-Aksa Mosque Preacher Calls on Allah to Blow Up Moscow, D.C.2016-September-19
Palestinian Press Views Internal Palestinian Violence in Nablus2016-September-02
Iranian Anti-American Propaganda Film: Young Men Destroy U.S. Navy Ships with Flags and Battle Cries2016-September-01
King of Morocco: Can Anyone of Sound Mind Believe that the Reward for Jihad Could Be Some Virgins in Paradise?2016-August-26
Articles in Saudi Press: End the Anti-Semitic Discourse, Learn from the Jews' Success2016-August-15
Summer Camps in Gaza Offer Training in Stabbing, Firearms, Tunnel Combat2016-August-09
Syrian Opposition TV Host Takes Palestinian Activist to Task over "the World's Number One Cause"2016-August-03
Gaza Summer Camps for Jihad2016-July-20
Iran: Israel's Annihilation Is Imminent2016-July-08
Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid Money to Pay Hamas Members Who Killed U.S. Citizens2016-July-07
Criticism of Hizbullah on the Rise among Shi'ites in Lebanon over Involvement in Syria 2016-June-24
Hizbullah MP Calls to Capture Israeli Communities, Take Civilians Hostage in Next War2016-June-24
Report: Intense Battles between Assad Forces and Hizbullah in Syria2016-June-17
Egyptian Journalist Condemns Tel Aviv Shooting2016-June-10
American Hizb Ut-Tahrir Leader Exhorts Muslims Not to Vote, Says Islam Is Here to Dominate2016-June-08
Palestinian BDS Activist Complains: Official Arab Normalization with Israel Has Reached Critical Proportions2016-June-07
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Stopping Iran from Integrating into Western Economy 2016-May-23
Iranian Ministry of Culture Cooperates with Holocaust Cartoon Contest2016-May-06
Egyptian-German Scholar Hamed Abdel-Samad: Hatred of Jews Is Poisoning Us2016-May-06
All Palestinian Factions Justify Jerusalem Bus Bombing2016-April-20
Senior Palestinian Economist Cites Protocols of the Elders of Zion2016-April-08

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