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Al-Jazeera: The Muslim Brotherhood Channel2007-March-16
How Many Jews Did Mama Kill?2007-March-15
The Mecca Agreement - A Strategic PLO-Hamas Alliance for Establishing a Palestinian State without Hamas Recognizing Israel2007-February-28
Iranian Military Targets American Forces2007-February-23
Former Hizbullah Leader: Hizbullah Is an Integral Part of Iranian Intelligence; Lebanon War an "Unsuccessful Adventure"2007-January-19
Sa'd al-Hariri: "Iran is Playing a Dangerous Role in Lebanon"2007-January-11
Reactions to Saddam's Execution: Indifference Among Arab Regimes2007-January-05
Sheikh Qaradhawi: Increasing Infiltration of Shi'ite Islam into Sunni Egypt May Lead to Civil War2006-December-28
Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya's Cessation of Violence: An Ideological Reversal for Islamists in Egypt 2006-December-22
The Role of Holocaust Denial in the Ideology and Strategy of the Iranian Regime 2006-December-15
Iranian Daily Affiliated with Khamenei Calls for Political Change in Lebanon to Favor Shi'ites2006-November-21
Iranian Commander: Our Shahab Missile with Cluster Warhead Can Destroy an Aircraft Carrier2006-November-17
Top Hamas Officials: We Want All of Palestine, from the River to the Sea2006-November-10
Hizballah Threatens Political Crisis in Lebanon in Aftermath of War2006-November-07
Sunni Islamist Websites in Iraq Claim Iran/Al-Qaeda Contacts Months Before 9/112006-November-07
PA Spokesman: Are the Palestinians a Violent Society?2006-October-30
Islamic TV Channel in U.S. Broadcasts Wahhabi Sermons from Mecca2006-October-20
Report: Russian Military Maneuver "to Protect Iran from Possible U.S. Attack"2006-September-25
Hizballah Training Child-Martyrs2006-September-01
Arab Assessments of the War in Lebanon2006-September-01
Mufti of Tyre: "The Shi'ite Community in Lebanon Authorized No One to Declare War in its Name"2006-August-28
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: "Syria Is Prepared for War"; "This Is a New Stage in the History of the Nation"; "The Golan Will Be Liberated by Sy2006-August-16
Hamas: If Al-Qaeda Wants to Come to Palestine, They Are Welcome2006-August-04
Syria Threatens to Attack Multinational Force in Lebanon2006-August-02
Saudi Sheikh Calls Hizballah Operations "Illegitimate"2006-August-01
Iran Assists Hizballah2006-July-31
Ahmadinejad: "Lebanon Is the Scene of an Historic Test which will Determine the Future of Humanity"2006-July-26
Saudi Columnist Criticizes Hamas' Gaza Attack2006-July-07
Saudi Columnist Criticizes Hamas' Gaza Attack2006-July-07
Zarqawi's Successor: Abu Hamza al-Muhajir2006-June-23
Hamas' New Strategy Threatens U.S. Interests2006-March-17
The Muslims Began This War2006-March-08
Arab Editor: Religious Extremism Spreading among Muslim Youth in U.S.2006-March-03
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al at Damascus Mosque: The Nation of Islam Will Sit at the Throne of the World and the West Will Be Full of Remorse2006-February-05
Hamas: We Will Not Give Up a Single Inch of Palestine2006-February-01
Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi "The Resistance in Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon Must Go On"; "We Stand Alongside Our Brothers in Hamas and Islamic Jihad"2005-December-20
Hamas Leader in Gaza: We'll Join the Legislative Council - and Keep Our Guns2005-November-21
The "Second Islamic Revolution" in Iran: Power Struggle at the Top2005-November-17
Hamas Military Commander: Gaza Just the Beginning, Liberate Entire Land2005-September-09
Iran and Diplomacy 2005-August-22
Plea from an Iranian Political Prisoner2005-July-14
Arab Media Reactions to the London Bombing2005-July-12
"The Sheikh of the Slaughterers": Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the al-Qaeda Connection 2005-July-05
We Must Discuss Why We Hate the Jews2005-May-27
We Must Discuss Why We Hate the Jews 2005-May-27
Al-Hayat Washington Bureau Chief: Some Arab Regimes Support Terrorism in Iraq to Thwart Democracy2005-May-11
Iran: "Get Used to the Idea of a Nuclear Iran"2005-April-07
Growing Egyptian-U.S. Tensions: Egyptian Press Attacks President Bush2005-March-18
Saudi Prince Against Islamist Ideology2005-March-16
"My Son's Teacher Was a Terrorist"2005-March-16

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