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Hamas MP: The Jews Were Brought to Palestine for the "Great Massacre" 2011-May-19
Hamas Leader: The Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation - A Step Towards Restoring the Land, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa2011-May-09
Hamas Leaders Respond to Agreement with Fatah - Deputy Head of Political Bureau Moussa Abu Marzouq: "The Quartet Has Become Obsolete"2011-April-29
Chronicle of a Doomed Uprising 2011-February-09
Salafi-Jihadist Cleric: "Egypt on the Verge of an Historic Stage in the History of the Islamic Nation"2011-January-31
Arab Paper: Israel Is Now Dependent on Egyptian Protesters 2011-January-28
Baby Martyrdom Culture among Shiites in Iran and Lebanon 2011-January-14
Iran-Backed Shi'ite Group Claims Responsibility for Attack on U.S. Forces in Iraq2011-January-13
YouTube Gets It Wrong on Online Hate 2010-December-20
Islamic Jihad: If Israel Withdraws to the '67 Borders, We Will Operate from the West Bank to Liberate the Rest of Palestine 2010-November-29
Egyptian Columnist: Palestine in Gaza Has Lost Its Way2010-November-02
A Palestinian Reformist in Ramallah2010-October-28
GCC Secretary-General Warns Against Iran Nuclearization2010-October-19
Who Invited You? Ahmadinejad Visits Lebanon2010-October-14
Iranian Daily: Iran Has Triumphed, and Has Overtaken the U.S. in the Middle East 2010-September-22
Senior Palestinian Official: "No Territorial Exchange, No Recognition of Settlement Blocs"2010-September-01
Hamas Details Weapons Manufactured in Gaza2010-August-03
Gaza Friday Sermon on Hamas TV: Muslims Should Wage Jihad to Liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Filth of the Jews2010-July-30
Egyptian Journalist: "A Sense of Absolute Prosperity Prevails in Gaza"2010-July-29
Hizbullah Prevents Signing of Lebanon-France Security Agreement2010-July-27
Top Muslim Scholar Calls for Jihad2010-July-14
Hamas Leader: Our Plan Is to Have Palestine in Its Entirety2010-July-08
Egyptians Should Pray for a Siege Like Gaza's2010-July-07
Ahmadinejad: Rescue the American People from Its "Non-Democratic, Bullying Administration"2010-July-05
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: If the Turks Are Taking Charge of the Region, We Have a List of Things for Them to Do2010-June-18
Gaza Sermon on Hamas TV: "Battle with Jews and Crusaders Continues" 2010-June-17
Kuwaiti Columnist: Flotilla Photos Justify Israel's Actions2010-June-14
Report: Bin Laden Guarded by Iranian Troops in Iran 2010-June-08
IHH Official: "Our Goal Was to Reach Gaza or to Die Trying"2010-June-07
Arab Media: Flotilla Participants Writing Wills, Preparing for Martyrdom 2010-June-02
Jihadi Cleric Al-Awlaki Calls on Muslim U.S. Servicemen to Kill Fellow Soldiers2010-May-24
Hamas Teddy Bear Teaches Martyrdom2010-May-17
Arab Member of Israeli Knesset Calls for Establishing Islamic Caliphate that Includes Israel2010-May-14
Libyan President of the UN General Assembly: Gaza Siege Is Worse than the Nazi Camps 2010-May-14
Gaza Islamists: We Will Decapitate the Jews and Rip Their Hearts from Their Bodies 2010-March-29
U.S. Sanctions Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV2010-March-19
Hamas Minister Calls for Jews to Be Annihilated 2010-March-19
Iranian Website: Iranian Nuclear Bomb Spells Death to Israel2010-February-24
PA Minister: "Nobody Has the Right to Declare the End of Jihad"2010-February-11
Qatari Columnist Laments Growing Gap between Arabs and West2010-January-29
Egyptian Cleric: "The Jews Are Our Enemies and Allah Will Annihilate Them at Our Hands" 2010-January-22
The UNDP Arab Knowledge Report 20092010-January-20
Hamas TV: "The Real Palestinian Beauty Queen Is the Jihad-Fighting Mother"2010-January-14
PA Union Official: Hamas Leaders Hid in Tunnels, Launched Rockets from among Children and Elderly2009-December-15
Saudi-Iranian Tension Increases 2009-November-16
Egyptian Cleric: "The Muslims Will Kill the Jews - Be Patient" 2009-November-12
How Egypt Views Normalization with Israel2009-November-06
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Training Yemen Rebels2009-November-05
Hizbullah: "Syria Opens Its Borders to Anyone Wishing to Wage Resistance, Including Al-Qaeda Fighters on Their Way to Iraq"2009-October-23
Iranian Supreme National Security Council Advisor: We May Need Uranium Enriched to 63 Percent2009-October-20

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