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Hamas Minister of Culture: Bush Is a Vampire2008-May-21
Hizbullah's Victory in Lebanon and its Regional Implications2008-May-14
Hamas TV: Minister of Culture Presents Excerpts from Protocols of the Elders of Zion2008-April-23
Hamas MP: Islam to Conquer Europe and America2008-April-14
PA Representative in Lebanon: We Act According to the Phased Plan. Once We Get Jerusalem, We Will Drive Israelis Out of All of Palestine2008-April-14
Arab Officials and Columnists: Hamas Responsible for Escalation in Gaza2008-March-26
Hamas MP: We Used Women and Children as Human Shields2008-March-14
Darfur Rebel Movement Opens Israel Office 2008-March-03
Saudi Arabia Transfers Its Ambassador Out of Syria2008-February-28
Gunmen Damage Christian School in Gaza, Shoot Guard2008-February-25
Hamas Arrests Jaysh al-Islam Members in YMCA Bombing in Gaza2008-February-25
Egyptian General Slams Hamas for Destroying Egyptian Border2008-February-21
Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradhawi Barred from UK2008-February-20
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Offers Palestinians Military and Economic Aid - and Help in Manufacturing Rockets2008-February-18
Islamic Law Scholar: It Is the Innocent Who Pay the Price for the Incitement by the Preachers of Hatred2008-January-17
Syrian Officials Call on Arab Countries to Deepen Relations with Iran2008-January-16
The Collapse of the Saudi Sunni Bloc Against Iran's Aspirations for Regional Hegemony in the Gulf 2008-January-11
Hamas TV Host Sings: "We Liberated Gaza by Force" 2008-January-01
Former Al-Qaeda Official in Charge of Training in Iraq Describes Syrian Role in Iraqi Insurgency 2007-December-28
Al-Qaeda Leader: Restore the Islamic Caliphate from Chechnya to Spain2007-December-18
Palestinian Children on Hamas TV: "We Will Wipe Out the People of Zion and Will Not Leave a Single One"2007-December-17
Saudi Columnists Call on Gulf States to Form Anti-Iran Front2007-November-20
Iranian-Saudi Sparring at the Istanbul Conference 2007-November-09
Iran Accuses U.S., Israel of Manufacturing "Genetic" Weapon to "Kill Specific Peoples"2007-October-23
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: We Won't Recognize Israel2007-October-19
Iran Deeply Involved in 2006 Lebanon-Israel War2007-October-16
New Animated Film on Hamas TV Focuses on Child Martyrdom2007-October-16
Hamas Children's Magazine Glorifies Martyrdom2007-October-05
Hizbullah Has Set Up Terror Cells to Respond to Any Attack on Iran2007-September-24
Al-Zawahiri to the U.S.: "Do Not Ask President Bush When The Soldiers Will Return - Ask Instead How Many Will Return"2007-September-21
Ahmadinejad Escalates His Rhetoric2007-September-17
The Involvement of Saudi Nationals in Terrorist Activity2007-September-12
Hamas: Goal of Resistance Is to Wipe Israel Off the Face of the Earth2007-August-16
The Strategic Alliance Between Iran and Syria2007-August-14
Hamas Leader Mash'al: Gaza Takeover Was Planned In Advance2007-July-31
Army of Islam Activist in Gaza Praises Connection with Al-Qaeda2007-July-20
Report: Arafat Died of AIDS 2007-July-12
In Egypt, Fears that Muslim Brotherhood May Seize Power Like Hamas2007-June-28
Fears in the PA: Gaza May Turn into a Taliban-Style Emirate2007-June-27
Fears in Arab World Following Gaza Coup: Hamas Is Threatening Entire Arab World2007-June-21
Revealed: Fatah al-Islam, Al-Qaeda, Syria Links; Bomb Plot Against UNIFIL2007-June-13
A Culture of Violence Rules the Palestinian Territories2007-June-12
Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Theme: "Death for the Sake of Allah!"2007-June-04
The Doctrine of Mahdism 2007-May-31
Fatah al-Islam Military Commander: We Are "Ready to Blow Up Every Place in Lebanon"2007-May-28
Berber Leader: "There Is No Worse Colonialism Than That of the Pan-Arabists"2007-May-04
Iranian Holocaust-Denial Documentary Series on Iranian TV2007-May-02
Saudi Columnist: "The Right of Return Is an Illusion"2007-April-12
Nonie Darwish: Muslims Must Welcome the Jews in Our Midst2007-April-06
Adding the "Right of Return" to the Saudi Initiative Made It Impossible to Implement2007-March-29

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