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Video: Iranian Media Air Video Depicting Destruction of U.S. Capitol Building, Washington Monument2020-August-24
Saudi Journalist: Every Arab Country Is Entitled to Establish Relations with Israel2020-August-20
Hamas Leader: "Palestine Must Stretch from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea"2020-August-06
Former Lebanese Minister: Hizbullah Is Occupying Lebanon, It's the Country's Main Problem; It Must Be Dismantled2020-July-23
Former Jordanian Minister: Arabs Need to Act Pragmatically regarding the Palestinian Cause2020-July-13
Qatar's Al Jazeera Broadcasts Islamist Cleric's Appeal to "Kill the Jews"2020-June-02
Saudi Writer: "The Interest of the Arab Homeland Lies with Israel"2020-May-28
Saudi Writer: It Is in our Strategic Interest to Maintain Real Relations with Israel2020-May-18
Jihadists Describe Coronavirus as "Allah's Soldier"2020-April-06
Iranian Academics Hold Iran's Supreme Leader Responsible for the Covid-19 Epidemic Disaster2020-April-03
Iranian Militias Said to Be the Main Vector for Covid-19 Infections in Syria 2020-March-31
Imam on Hamas TV: This Virus Is a Soldier of Allah; Muslims Are the Least Affected2020-March-24
Iranian Journalist Says Coronavirus Death Toll Is 2,0002020-March-10
Egyptian Author: The Palestinians Must Focus on Living, and Strive for Peace with Israel2020-March-04
Hizb ut-Tahrir America: We Will Conquer Rome and Liberate India and Spain2020-March-02
The Arab World Has Been Brainwashed with Anti-Zionist and Anti-Israel Rhetoric2020-February-27
Arab-American Researchers: Arabs Don't Want Peace with Israel - They Want Respite in Order to Regain Power and Wage War Again 2020-February-25
Revolutionary Guard Commander: Iran's Goal Is to Annihilate Israel, Expel U.S. from Region2020-February-24
Lebanese Politicians Criticize New Statue of Iran's Soleimani2020-February-20
Syrian Journalist: Jews "Make Miracles Out of the Impossible"2020-February-20
Syrian Opposition Media Reveals Information on Missiles of Iranian Militias in Syria2020-February-12
Iranian Youth Sing to Ayatollah Khamenei: "Israel Is Facing Its End"2020-February-05
ISIS Declares War Against the Jews2020-January-28
Ayatollah Khamenei Boasts of "the Day of Allah when IRGC Missiles Crushed the American Base"2020-January-22
Palestinian Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque: We Will Soon Establish the Caliphate, Liberate Jerusalem and Conquer Rome2020-January-20
Erdogan's Chief Advisor Outlines Plan for United Islamic Superpower with Istanbul as Capital2020-January-15
Hamas MP: George Washington Killed Indians Because They Were Muslims2020-January-13
Iran, The Paper Tiger2020-January-09
Turkish Parliament Approves Sending Troops to Libya2020-January-03
Turkey, the Real Ruler of the Mediterranean, Is Back2019-December-26
Hizbullah Member Condemns Group on TV2019-December-16
Former Palestinian Minister: PA Failed to Establish a State Anchored in Democracy and the Rule of Law2019-December-12
Chief Advisor to Erdogan: "The Islamic World Should Prepare an Army for Palestine"2019-December-03
IRGC General: 21 American Bases in the Region Are Targets for Our Missiles2019-December-02
Hamas Using Israeli Irrigation Pipes to Produce Rockets2019-November-18
At Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Call to "Establish Caliphate to Mobilize Army and Liberate Palestine"2019-September-26
Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei: Death to America - May This Come True Soon2019-September-20
PA Leader Mahmoud Abbas: "Those Who Are Foreign to This Land Have No Right to It"2019-August-23
Former PA Minister: There Is Mistrust between the Palestinian People and Their Leaders 2019-August-22
Hizbullah: In Future War, We Will Invade Galilee and Hula Valley2019-August-20
Iranian Pilgrims in Mecca Chant: "Death to America! Death to Israel!"2019-August-13
Iraqi Journalist: Many Iraqis Love Israel and View It as an Ally2019-July-31
Hizbullah Redeploying in Syria, Transferring Soldiers to Lebanese Border2019-July-30
Saudi Twitter Users Respond to Attack on Saudi Blogger at Al-Aqsa Mosque2019-July-30
Israeli-Arab ISIS Fighter: Israel Treats Arabs Justly2019-July-24
Houthi Radio Station Raises Funds for Hizbullah2019-July-23
Palestinian Authority 2019 Summer Camps: Children Burn U.S. Flags2019-July-08
The Farce of Iran's Breach of Limit on Enriched Uranium 2019-July-03
Saudi Twitter Poll: 33 Percent Favor, 47 Percent Oppose Relations with Israel2019-June-19
Upsurge in Iranian Terrorism Anticipated2019-June-17

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