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Israel's Economic Dominance of the Middle East; Foreign Currency Reserves Dwarf Neighbors2013-December-13
Egypt: Sinai Terrorists Escape to Gaza2013-December-09
Middle East Mess Isn't about Settlements2013-December-06
Jihadist Groups Gain in Turmoil across Middle East2013-December-04
A Nuclear Crisis in Search of a Model: Lessons from Iraq, North Korea, Libya, and Syria2013-December-03
Why Some U.S. Allies Disapprove of the Iran Agreement 2013-November-29
Egypt's Newest Jihadists: The Jamal Network 2013-November-05
Jihadists See Sinai as Next Frontier in War against U.S., Israel2013-October-31
America's Withdrawal from the Middle East2013-October-31
The Post-Islamist Era 2013-October-23
PA Security Forces Carried Out Most of the Attacks in Second Intifada2013-October-21
Al-Qaeda's Syrian Strategy2013-October-11
The Excitement of Being a Martyr for Allah2013-October-11
U.S. Commandos Seize Al-Qaeda Operative in Libya2013-October-07
Al-Nusra Front Forging Al-Qaeda Base in Syria2013-September-30
Don't Hold Your Breath for Syrian Chemical Weapons to Be Destroyed2013-September-18
What Might Be Expected in Monitoring Syria: Lessons from Past Middle East Weapons Inspections2013-September-17
Survival of the Syrian Regime Is a "Red Line" for Russia 2013-September-13
Egypt's Sinai Emerges as New Theater for Jihad2013-September-04
After Syrian Chemical Attack, Obama Opts for "Tomahawk Diplomacy" 2013-August-26
Have the Fundamentals of Israel's Strategic Environment Inextricably Changed?2013-August-23
600 Hamas Operatives Said to Be in Sinai2013-August-12
Lawless Sinai Shows Risks Rising in Fractured Egypt 2013-August-12
Sinai Jihadists Have Eilat in Sights2013-August-09
CIA Official Calls Syria Top Threat to U.S. Security2013-August-07
Terror Threat Prompts U.S. Middle East Embassy Closures2013-August-02
Syria Is Jihad Central: 6,000 Terrorists Flood New Al-Qaeda Training Ground 2013-July-05
"Israel Is Not the Problem in the Mideast, Nor Is It the Solution" - Dror Eydar Interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2013-July-03
Qatar's Emir Cedes Power to Son 2013-June-25
Syria Rebels Get Libyan Weapons2013-June-24
Syria Loosens Grip But Remains in Lebanon2013-June-22
The Arab Awakening and the "Cascade" of Failing States2013-June-20
Israel's Security Policy in a Changing Middle East 2013-June-19
Jordan and the Faltering Fortunes of the Arab Spring 2013-May-14
The Arab Spring Brought Varieties of Anarchy2013-May-09
U.S. Grapples with Rift among Mideast Allies 2013-April-30
UN: Libya Arms Fueling Conflicts in Syria, Mali and Beyond 2013-April-11
UN Panel: Libyan Weapons are Spreading at an Alarming Rate to New Areas and Fueling Conflicts2013-April-10
Syria Becoming New Cradle for Foreign Extremists2013-April-04
Britons in Gaza Aid Convoy Kidnapped in Libya2013-March-29
Erdogan's Miscalculation2013-March-25
Covert Auctions in Egypt Put Arms that Freed Libya into Hands of Terrorists2013-March-04
Syria: The Growing Power of Jihadist Groups2013-February-18
Tunisians Head Abroad to Perform Jihad 2013-February-15
Is Palestinian-Israeli Peace the Key to Happiness in the Middle East?2013-February-08
Another Mideast War? How Syria Is Different from the Congo 2013-February-01
Countering al-Qaeda 2.02013-January-31
U.S. Watchdog Ranks Israel as Region's Only "Free" State 2013-January-21
Jihadists' Surge in North Africa Reveals Grim Side of Arab Spring2013-January-21
The Jihadist Eruption in Africa2013-January-18

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