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Islamic State Announces New Caliphate Provinces2014-November-17
In the UAE, the U.S. Has a Quiet, Potent Ally2014-November-11
Beware of an Iranian Atomic "Sneak-Out"2014-November-06
Over 210 Killed in Fighting over Libya's Benghazi2014-November-04
Jewish Heritage Sites in Arab Countries Face Extinction2014-November-04
Hamas Still Producing Rockets 2014-October-31
Why We Keep Getting the Middle East Wrong2014-October-29
Gaza Functions as Logistic Hub for Sinai Jihadis2014-October-27
Israel's Defense Minister: Mideast Borders "Absolutely" Will Change2014-October-24
Steinitz: Israeli Withdrawal from West Bank Would Be "Committing Suicide"2014-October-24
Oil Prices Fall Sharply2014-October-15
Recognizing Palestine Won't Promote Peace2014-October-14
U.S. President Says Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Not the Root of the Region's Problems2014-October-03
Obama to UN: Arab-Israeli Conflict Is Not the Main Source of Problems in the Middle East2014-September-29
Egypt's President Backs Global Campaign Against Islamic State Extremists2014-September-24
Qatar's Support of Hamas and Jihadist Forces in the Middle East2014-September-23
How Qatar Is Funding the Rise of Islamist Extremists2014-September-23
Fatah Blames Hamas for Palestinians Fleeing Gaza 2014-September-19
From Gaza to ISIS: Assessing Change in Today's Middle East2014-September-16
Despite Arab League Backing for Abbas' Diplomatic Initiative, Palestinians Understand War on Islamic State Comes First2014-September-09
Qatar's Support of Extremists Alienates Allies Near and Far2014-September-08
Saudi Arabia Ups Pressure on Qatar2014-September-01
Egypt and UAE Launch Airstrikes Against Islamists in Libya 2014-August-26
Occupation Hypocrisy: Gaza vs. Cyprus 2014-August-15
The International Media's Hypocrisy 2014-August-15
West Encouraging Terror with "Massacre" Claims2014-August-06
Reporting the Gaza Death Toll2014-August-05
Palestine and Double Standards2014-August-05
To Save Gaza, Destroy Hamas2014-July-27
Young Islamists Admire ISIS for Its Brutality2014-June-25
U.S. Captures Suspected Ringleader of Benghazi Attack 2014-June-18
Demographic Upheaval: How the Syrian War is Reshaping the Region2014-June-18
A Persistent Threat: Number of Jihadist Fighters and Attacks Has Increased Since 20102014-June-06
Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Condemns "Renegade" General's Coup2014-May-23
Britain, Lawfare and the ICC2014-May-23
Egyptian Governor Blames Obama for Burned Churches2014-May-09
More Soothing American Efforts on Iran2014-May-09
In Iraq and Syria, a Resurgence of Foreign Suicide Bombers 2014-May-05
World Powers Must Reject Iranian Offer2014-April-25
Violence Is Disproportionate in the Muslim World2014-April-11
Israel Releases Passover Travel Advisories for 31 Countries2014-April-02
Militias Flush with Cash as Libya Becomes Arms Smuggling Hub2014-March-31
Oil Battle Looms in Divided Libya2014-March-31
The Threat of Libya's Partition 2014-March-12
Seven Egyptian Christians Found Murdered in Libya2014-February-26
Kerry Framework: Compensation for Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands2014-February-14
Abbas' NATO Gambit Is a Nonstarter2014-February-04
Libya's Cache of Toxic Arms All Destroyed2014-February-03
It's Not about Arabs Hating Jews, But Arabs Hating Arabs2014-January-10
Report: Palestinian Group Carried Out Lockerbie Bombing2013-December-20

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