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Video: Plea for Minute of Silence for Munich 11 at 2012 London Olympics2012-July-10
The Syrian Uprising: Syrian Discourse on the Social Networks, June 20122012-June-08
War Is Marching to Damascus2012-June-04
Video: Just One Minute2012-May-25
Video: Jerusalem Day Celebration 20122012-May-21
Video: Disabled Israeli Rower Won Gold - and Had to Sing "Hatikvah" on Her Own2012-May-07
Prime Minister Netanyahu's Message for Israel's 64th Independence Day2012-April-25
Video: Iranians Rush Ahmadinejad's Car to Protest Poverty2012-April-18
Four More Generals Defect from Syrian Army: Rebels 2012-March-09
Syria's Deputy Oil Minister Announces Defection 2012-March-08
Alawite Defections from Syrian Army May Be on Rise2012-March-08
Video: Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC 2012 2012-March-06
View the Video - Witness: Jerusalem SOS 2012-January-27
Video: The Truth About the Refugees 2011-December-09
Video: Israel Inside - How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference 2011-December-02
Israel Foreign Ministry Releases YouTube Video on Peace Process2011-September-16
Courage in the Face of Terror2011-August-04
Syria's Ramadan Massacre2011-August-02
Protesters Sweep through Syrian City in Nightly Defiance 2011-July-28
The West Bank Is Not Stolen Property2011-July-27
Hizbullah on Edge in Face of Syria Revolt2011-July-26
Video: The Truth About the West Bank 2011-July-19
Syrian Forces Mass Near Town Where Many Soldiers Have Defected2011-July-18
Syria's Digital Revolution2011-July-06
Will the Assad Regime Survive?2011-June-20
Syrian Opposition: Hizbullah, Iran Aiding Assad 2011-June-15
Israel Independence Day Links and Videos2011-May-06
Palestinian Imam Threatens Obama 2011-May-04
Video: PA Official Justifies Itamar Murderers and Demands Their Release2011-April-18
Italian International Solidarity Movement Activist Murdered in Gaza2011-April-15
Syrian Uprising Worries Iran and Hizbullah2011-April-13
YouTube Interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 2011-April-01
Israel Army Band Plays in Red Square 2011-February-25
Video: Muslims Demonstrate at Tunis Synagogue 2011-February-23
IDF Spokesperson Building New Media Branch 2011-February-11
Video: Gaza 2011 - Your Next Travel Destination 2011-January-12
Video: The Battleground of the Mind 2011-January-12
Video: Jerusalem 1918 2011-January-07
YouTube Gets It Wrong on Online Hate 2010-December-20
YouTube Removes Palestinian Media Watch Channel2010-December-20
A Second Look at the Silwan Incident2010-November-24
Video: Alice Dancing Under the Gallows2010-November-05
The Jerusalem Car Accident Video2010-October-11
British Military Hero Richard Kemp Explains Why He Defended Israel, Challenged Goldstone Report 2010-September-17
Video: The Iranian Bomb - The Song 2010-August-25
Video Shows U.S. Student Was Hit by Ricochet 2010-August-16
Video: Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone2010-August-13
Confronting History's Longest Hatred2010-July-16
Syrian Human Rights Record Unchanged under Assad 2010-July-16
"Only Israel" Strikes a Chord on YouTube2010-July-16

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