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U.S. State Department

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A Narrow Agreement on Iran Nukes Would Be a Disaster2022-January-13
Iran Top Priority for U.S., Israel2021-December-13
U.S.: "We Will Not Allow Iran to Tread Water in Talks"2021-December-09
U.S. Hits Iran with New Sanctions for Human Rights Abuses2021-December-09
U.S.: Iranian Enrichment to 90 Percent "Would Be a Provocative Act"2021-December-02
Lebanon Likely to Receive Israeli Natural Gas2021-December-02
Why Is the U.S. Trying to Open a Consulate in Jerusalem for Palestinians?2021-November-11
Israel Did Update the U.S. on Palestinian NGO Terrorist Links2021-October-28
Is the U.S. Intent on Sparking a Crisis with Israel over Jerusalem? 2021-October-28
A New Jerusalem Consulate for the Palestinians Will Again Proclaim: Jerusalem Is Not in Israel2021-October-18
Azerbaijan Defies Iran 2021-October-14
Iran to Demand Higher Price for Limiting Nuclear Program than in 20152021-September-27
U.S. Pledges to Expand Abraham Accords between Israel, Arab States2021-September-20
Sanctioning Iranian Intelligence Affiliates for Targeting Dissidents Abroad2021-September-06
Progressive Democrats Blast Palestinians over Crackdown on Critics2021-August-26
U.S.: Iran's Drone Attack on Commercial Ship Is Part of a Pattern of Attacks2021-August-12
U.S.: Iran Conducted This Attack2021-August-02
U.S. Approves Sale of 18 Helicopters to Israel2021-August-02
Iran Seeks a Shi'ite Foothold in Sunni Jordan 2021-July-26
U.S. Should Bypass Palestinian Authority to Provide Aid to Gaza2021-July-01
New Officials Reaffirm U.S., Israel Ties2021-June-28
U.S. Says Not Changing Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty over Golan Heights 2021-June-28
U.S. Pushing PA to Reform Its Payments to Terrorists Policy2021-June-24
Hold Hamas Accountable for Human-Shields Use during the 2021 Gaza War2021-June-24
U.S. Takes Down Iran-Linked News Sites Used for "Iranian Disinformation"2021-June-24
Blinken Conditions UNRWA Funding on Palestinian Education Reform 2021-June-10
Secretary of State Blinken: Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise and We're Determined to Deal with It2021-May-27
U.S. Secretary of State Blinken Meets Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem2021-May-26
U.S.: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process - Not on the Immediate Agenda2021-May-24
U.S. Will Continue to Give Israel "Means to Defend Itself"2021-May-24
How Can Supporters of Human Rights Support Iran and Hamas? 2021-May-21
Secretary of State Blinken: Hamas Is Targeting Israeli Civilians, Israel Is Targeting the Terrorists Who Are Raining Down Rockets2021-May-14
Rockets Fired at Jerusalem from Gaza2021-May-11
Israel Shared Iranian General Soleimani's Cell Phones with U.S. Intelligence before Drone Strike2021-May-10
A $90 Billion U.S. Bailout to Tehran Could Undo Years of Progress2021-May-06
U.S. Tells Morocco It Will Not Reverse Recognition of Moroccan Sovereignty over Western Sahara 2021-May-03
A Dangerous Attempt to Threaten U.S. Military Aid to Israel2021-May-03
Condition Reopening Washington PLO Office on Ending PA's "Pay to Slay" Program 2021-April-29
U.S. Sees Major Differences with Iran in Nuclear Talks2021-April-22
Iran and U.S. Agree on Path Back to Nuclear Deal 2021-April-08
Palestinian Authority Critic Says Armed Faction Threatened to Kill Him 2021-April-08
Biden Administration Ends Sanctions Against ICC Officials 2021-April-05
U.S. Preparing $125 Million in Aid for Palestinians2021-April-05
U.S.: PA Tortured Participants in American-Led 2019 Bahrain Conference2021-April-01
U.S. Says Israel "Occupies" West Bank2021-April-01
U.S. Gives Palestinians $15 Million for Covid-19 Response2021-March-29
The Next Bad Idea: A PLO Office in Washington2021-March-29
Palestinians Funneled Hundreds of Millions to Terrorists, State Department Report Reveals2021-March-25
Modified Definition of Anti-Semitism Sets a Dangerous Precedent2021-March-25
U.S. Blacklists Iranian Interrogators over Human Rights Violations 2021-March-11

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