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U.S. State Department

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Veteran U.S. Peace-Processors Seek to Thwart Israeli Democracy2022-December-01
U.S. Enters a New Era of Direct Confrontation with Iran2022-November-28
Israel: IDF Soldiers Will Not Be Interrogated by the FBI2022-November-17
Decision on FBI Investigation Undermines Pentagon and State Department 2022-November-17
State Department: "Israel Is Consistently Unfairly Targeted in the UN System"2022-October-24
U.S. Says Iran Supplying Drones to Russia Violates UN Resolution2022-October-18
Israel Must Reject a Terrible Natural Gas Deal with Hizbullah 2022-October-03
University of Vermont Earns Federal Probe over Antisemitism 2022-September-29
Blinken: Iran Deal Unlikely in Near Term2022-September-15
Israel Passes New Information to CIA about Blacklisted Palestinian NGOs2022-September-15
"Catastrophic" Iran Nuclear Deal Could Lift Sanctions on Killers of U.S. Marines in Lebanon2022-September-05
Mossad Chief Barnea Heads to Washington to Try and Halt the Iran Nuclear Deal2022-September-05
Time to Reform the UN Human Rights Apparatus2022-August-25
Israel to Provide Information to U.S. on Basis for Closing Palestinian NGOs2022-August-22
Palestinians Want Full UN Membership, but U.S. Law Stands in the Way2022-August-18
Contending with Iranian Plots Against the West2022-August-18
U.S. Condemns Iran for Inciting Attack on Author Salman Rushdie2022-August-15
No Visa for Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi 2022-August-11
Building on Biden's Commitments to Block Iran's Nuclear Weapons 2022-July-21
Why I'm Giving Up Tenure at UCLA 2022-July-11
U.S.: Bullet Test in Journalist's Killing Inconclusive2022-July-07
30 Governments Discuss Hizbullah's Ongoing Global Terrorist Plotting2022-July-04
House Committee Votes to Cut Funding to UN Commission Investigating Israel2022-June-30
Congress Should Help End UN's Latest Anti-Israel Waste of Funds2022-June-23
President Biden Insists on Reopening the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem2022-June-20
Upgrading U.S.-Palestinian Relations in Jerusalem Impacts Status as Israel's Capital2022-June-13
U.S. Slams "One-Sided" UN Probe Blaming Israel2022-June-09
U.S. Condemns Iraqi Parliament's Anti-Israel Normalization Law2022-May-30
U.S. Sanctions Hamas Investment Network2022-May-26
The U.S.-Israel Relationship Is "One of the Most Effective Partnerships in the World"2022-May-19
The Cynical Manipulation and Misleading of Congress by Rep. Ilhan Omar 2022-May-04
Removing Sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guards Is Pure Strategic Folly 2022-April-11
Iran Talks Stuck on Removing Revolutionary Guards from Terror Blacklist2022-April-04
Israel Suggests that Washington Ramp Up Sanctions on Iran to Level Imposed on Russia2022-April-04
Iran: Another Nuclear-Armed Dictatorship Flush with Cash and Attacking its Neighbors2022-April-04
U.S. Still Views Golan as Israeli Territory 2022-March-28
U.S. Offering $1 Million to Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations2022-March-24
A New Iran Deal Leaves Us Meeker and Weaker2022-March-24
Lifting Human Rights Sanctions on Iran Would Be a Mistake 2022-March-17
Tehran Hardened Demands at Nuclear Talks after Russia Invaded Ukraine, Diplomats Say2022-March-03
U.S. Returns to UN Human Rights Council, Rejects Commission of Inquiry Against Israel2022-March-03
U.S. Rejects Labeling Israel's Actions toward Palestinians as "Apartheid"2022-February-03
Want "Never Again" to Mean Something? Stop Iran's March to the Bomb2022-February-03
Iranian Wrestler Barred from U.S. after Calling for "Death to America" 2022-February-03
U.S. to Deny $130 Million in Military Aid to Egypt2022-January-31
Differences Splinter U.S. Team Negotiating with Iran on Nuclear Deal2022-January-27
A Narrow Agreement on Iran Nukes Would Be a Disaster2022-January-13
Iran Top Priority for U.S., Israel2021-December-13
U.S.: "We Will Not Allow Iran to Tread Water in Talks"2021-December-09
U.S. Hits Iran with New Sanctions for Human Rights Abuses2021-December-09

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