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IDF Strikes Top Hamas Command 2021-May-13
The Unwitting Western Supporters of Palestinian Jihad2021-May-12
Israel's Mossad Chief Briefs President Joe Biden on Iran 2021-May-06
European Universities Urge EU to Remove Threat of Research Ban on Israel2021-April-29
Simply Returning to the JCPOA Would Be a Huge Mistake 2021-April-29
Will the Shift in Israeli Arab Politics Change the Palestinian Discourse? 2021-April-22
Israel Is Showing that There Are Better Ways to Prevent Iran from Producing Nuclear Weapons2021-April-14
The Iranians Initiated the Shadow Sea War2021-April-12
Germany Fights Exclusion of UK and Israel from EU Research Projects2021-April-08
Israel's Daily Battle to Block Iranian Aggression2021-March-25
Former U.S. Ambassador David Friedman: In the Middle East, "Strength Keeps People Safe" 2021-March-22
The Canceled Visit of the Jordanian Crown Prince to the Temple Mount2021-March-18
New Dead Sea Scrolls Discovered in Judean Desert Caves2021-March-18
Scroll Fragments Uncovered in Judean Desert "Directly Attest to the Jewish Heritage of the Region"2021-March-18
UAE $10 Billion Israel Fund Will Stress Ports and Railways 2021-March-15
Remembering Manfred Gerstenfeld 2021-March-01
The Truth about Financial Aid to the Palestinian Authority2021-February-18
The PA Is Winning in Area C 2021-February-18
EU Living in "Alternate Universe" over Construction in Jerusalem 2021-February-18
IDF: Iran Could Develop a Nuclear Bomb within Two Years2021-February-11
Israel Builds Houses for Families that Lost Homes in Guatemala Volcano Blast 2021-February-04
Breaking the Silence's Report on Roads in the Territories Falsely Assumes the Territory Belongs to the Palestinians 2020-December-24
U.S. Earmarks $250 Million for Israeli-Palestinian Peacebuilding2020-December-24
Understanding Israel's War in the "Grey Zone" 2020-December-24
UN Funding Palestinian Construction in Israeli-Controlled Areas of West Bank 2020-December-10
Iran: Why Now Is Not the Time to Abandon Maximum Pressure2020-December-10
Israeli Firm to Provide Security for UN Bases in Mali 2020-December-03
3,000-Year-Old Gold Bead Discovered in Temple Mount Earth 2020-December-03
Gunmen Assassinate Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist2020-November-30
Who Was Mohsen Fakhrizadeh?2020-November-30
Belgium Supports Illegal Construction in the West Bank and Then Demands Compensation 2020-November-26
BBC Ignores Impartiality Guidelines in Report on Jerusalem Housing Construction2020-November-19
Israel Rejects Belgian Demand to Compensate for Razing Palestinian Homes 2020-November-12
Washington Experts View Revival of Iran Nuclear Deal2020-November-12
The U.S. Deploys Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System2020-November-12
Netanyahu Congratulates Biden, Thanks Trump2020-November-09
U.S. to Permit Funding for Cooperative Projects in Israeli West Bank Communities 2020-October-29
Could a New U.S. Government Undo Trump's Policy toward the Palestinians? 2020-October-29
EU Funding to Palestinian and Israeli NGOs2020-October-22
Six Israeli Tech Companies Surpass $2 Billion Valuation This Year 2020-October-08
The Palestinian Leadership Has Lost Support in the Arab and Muslim World 2020-October-08
How Denmark, Sweden, the UN, and the EU Got Suckered into Funding a Terror Organization 2020-September-24
Jewish and Pro-Israel Groups Welcome Israel-Bahrain Normalization Agreement2020-September-14
Erdogan Presenting Himself as Leader of Muslim World 2020-September-10
Can Israelis Tame the Chinese Lion? 2020-September-10
Lawsuit over Ann Arbor Synagogue Protests Headed to U.S. Court of Appeals 2020-September-07
How to Dismantle the Distorted Western Discourse on Israel2020-September-07
Hamas Moves Seek to Shore Up Domestic Support 2020-September-03
Seismological Data: Six Explosions before Massive Beirut Blast2020-August-17
PA Calls Installation of Elevator for Disabled People at Holy Site a War Crime2020-August-13

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