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Abraham Accords' Momentum Isn't Fading, It's Soaring2021-December-09
Peace Dividend: Widening the Economic Growth and Development Benefits of the Abraham Accords2021-March-22
Lessons from a Jerusalem Pogrom 2020-April-17
Decision-Making in the Islamic Republic of Iran2019-October-22
India Signs on with Israeli Firm to Fight Drought2018-January-23
Taking Stock of Hizbullah's Losses in Syria 2017-October-20
Hizbullah Has Been Active in America for Decades2017-August-28
Lessons from Israel's Wars in Gaza 2017-August-09
Attacks on Russia Will Only Increase 2017-April-05
Netanyahu at UN: World Nations Are Changing Their Attitudes towards Israel 2016-September-23
Israel's Interests and Options in Syria 2016-July-28
Iran Arrests Another Iranian-American2015-October-30
Iraq Is Bankrolling ISIS 2015-May-26
ISIS Finances Are Strong2015-May-20
A Persistent Threat: The Evolution of Al-Qaeda and Other Salafi Jihadists2015-January-23
U.S. Tech Firm to Open Development Center in Israel2014-December-08
Hitting ISIS Where It Hurts2014-August-14
We Are Losing the War on Terror2014-June-12
A Persistent Threat: Number of Jihadist Fighters and Attacks Has Increased Since 20102014-June-06
A Sad Evening in Washington, as Palestinians Celebrate Unity 2014-April-25
As Iran Nuclear Talks Resume, Supreme Leader Khamenei Criticizes U.S.2014-January-10
Israel's HelioFocus Signs $340M Chinese Energy Deal 2013-November-01
Iran Has No Territorial Ambitions? Tell It to Lebanon and Syria2013-May-31
Why Iran Is Trying to Save the Syrian Regime 2013-April-26
Al-Qaeda's War for Syria 2012-July-27
Iran Stonewalling Efforts to Inspect Parchin Site 2012-April-20
Iran's Nuclear Future: Critical U.S. Policy Choices2011-June-17
Do Jews Still Support Israel?2011-May-13
Arab Unrest Propels Iran as Saudi Influence Declines2011-February-24
The Arabs vs. Iran: What They Really Think 2010-December-24
Report: An Exploration of Iranian Leadership Dynamics2010-January-08
Steady Drip of Leaks Corrodes the Core of the Iranian Regime 2010-January-07
Limited Options: Deterring Iran 2009-September-08
Iran's Promising Presidential Contender2009-March-27
Saudi-Iranian Relations Since the Fall of Saddam2009-March-23
How Terrorist Groups End: Implications for Countering Al-Qaeda2008-July-29
A Reality Check on Iran 2008-July-21
Spending Aid to Palestinians Wisely2007-August-17
U.S. Studying Two Dozen "Clusters" of Possible Homegrown Muslim Terrorists2007-August-16
Yes, There Is a Moderate Islam - Let's Support It 2007-April-20
Building Moderate Muslim Networks 2007-April-18
The Dangerous Iran-China Partnership2007-February-22
A Pro-Israel Lobby and an FBI Sting2005-June-30
RAND Says Palestinian State Could Be Viable2005-April-28
A Chance to Clean Up the Palestinian Authority2005-January-07
Is it Time for the U.S. to Pursue Regime Change in Syria?2003-September-26
Hizballah Hate With a U.S. Link2002-October-18

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