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Jacques Neriah

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Lebanon's May 15 Legislative Elections2022-May-12
The Other (Ugly) Face of Lebanon 2022-January-06
The Foundations of the Failed Lebanese State 2021-September-15
Rattling Sabers over the Blue Nile: Ethiopia Continues to Fill the Grand Renaissance Dam Reservoir 2021-July-15
Lebanon Stands at the Abyss2021-July-08
Morocco's Battle Against Islamic Jihadi Terrorism2021-May-10
Ethiopia's Dam over the Nile Risks War with Egypt2021-March-25
Africa Is a Jihadist Playground for the Resurgent Islamic State and al-Qaeda2021-March-04
Transformations in the Middle East: Challenges for the New U.S. Administration2020-December-31
Lebanon's Economy Is in Tatters, and Financial Aid Is Not Forthcoming without Reform 2020-December-17
Lebanon Suffocates under the Coronavirus 2020-April-08
Libya's Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar - the Returnee2020-March-03
A Scorecard on the First Decade after the Arab Spring2020-January-03
Is Lebanon Sliding Again into Civil War?2019-October-30
Was the American Decision to Abandon the Kurds a Surprise?2019-October-24
Iran Opens a Second Front along Israel's Border2019-October-03
Are Israel and Hizbullah on the Verge of a Military Confrontation?2019-September-09
The Iranian Conquest of Syria2019-August-15
Foreign Powers Stoke Libya's Civil War2019-July-05
Will a New Ethiopian Dam Choke Water-Parched Egypt?2019-July-04
Turkey's Expansionist Policy Exposed 2019-January-31
Implications of the Khashoggi Murder for the House of Saud 2018-November-20
The Kurdish Presidential Candidate's "Jewish Wife" 2018-October-03
Iran and Turkey Divert Iraq's River Waters, Leaving Iraq on the Brink of Catastrophe 2018-September-07
Book Excerpt: The Rise and Fall of Bachir Gemayel: Israel and the Lebanon Quagmire, 1982 2018-June-08
The Iraqi Elections: A Slap in the Face to Iran2018-May-24
Egyptian President Sisi Chooses Survival over Democracy 2018-March-06
Turkey's Expansionist Military Policies in the Middle East2018-January-25
Chinese Troops Arrive in Syria to Fight Chinese Muslim Uyghur Rebels2017-December-21
Is the Saudi Throne Shaking?2017-November-08
Bashar Assad's Pyrrhic Victory in Syria 2017-August-24
The Future Partition of Syria 2017-August-22
Is the Tunisian "Arab Spring" about to Repeat in Morocco?2017-June-29
Iran's Foreign Legion in Syria2017-June-02
A Proposal for a Trump Initiative for the Economic Development of the West Bank and Gaza2017-May-16
The Chinese Approach to Radical Islam2017-March-31
Rabin Saw the Jordan River as Israel's Eastern Border2017-January-19
Lebanon under General Michel Aoun2016-November-03
The Battle for Mosul, and Its Aftermath2016-October-20
The Islamic State - the Beginning of the End2016-September-09
Video - Israeli Expert: Arab Regime Crackdowns Are Pushing New ISIS Recruiting2016-August-22
Why the Islamic State Is in Retreat 2016-June-10
Video: U.S. and Russia Succeeding in Decapitating ISIS Leadership2016-June-10
Is Turkey Planning to Destabilize Lebanon?2016-March-29
Earthquakes of the Middle East2016-February-25
Explaining the Islamic State Phenomenon 2016-January-22
Are There Any Moderate Rebels in Syria? 2015-November-23
The Islamic State's Rules for Its Christian Subjects 2015-September-18
Turkey Attacks the Kurds and the Islamic State2015-August-13
Egypt Accuses Turkey of Subversion2015-July-14

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