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Israel Defense Forces

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Inside a Terrorist Tunnel between Lebanon and Israel 2022-September-29
Israel Rejects U.S. Call for Review of IDF Rules of Engagement in West Bank2022-September-12
Seven Injured as Soldiers' Bus Comes under Fire by Palestinian Gunmen in the Jordan Valley2022-September-05
Palestinian Weapons Explosion Kills Two in Gaza 2022-August-25
Israel Closes Organizations Linked to Outlawed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Terrorist Group2022-August-22
IDF: Our Goal Is to "Mortally Wound" Islamic Jihad2022-August-07
Disrupting Palestinian Islamic Jihad a Smart Play by Israel 2022-August-07
Ethiopian Immigrant to Israel Becomes Top Surgeon 2022-August-04
How Israel Has Strengthened the U.S. 2022-July-28
IDF: No IDF Soldier Deliberately Fired at Journalist2022-July-07
Israel Says Iranian Warships in Red Sea Present a Global Threat2022-July-07
Top Former Israeli Officer: Iran Nuclear Deal Revival Would Have "Unprecedented Devastating Consequences"2022-June-30
To Derail Iran's Regional Ambitions, Israel Is the Only Local Counterweight that Counts 2022-June-30
Israel Rejects UN Probe Blaming Reporter's Death on IDF2022-June-27
U.S. Held Secret Meeting with Israeli, Arab Military Chiefs to Counter Iran Air Threat2022-June-27
IDF Appoints First Female Brigade Commander2022-June-23
The UN Commission of Inquiry: An Exercise in Historical Revisionism 2022-June-09
Is Russia's Withdrawal from Syria an Opportunity for Israel?2022-May-23
The U.S.-Israel Relationship Is "One of the Most Effective Partnerships in the World"2022-May-19
Israeli Defense Minister: Al Jazeera Journalist Wasn't Killed by IDF Fire2022-May-12
Journalist Was 150 Meters (328 Feet) Away from Israeli Military Forces2022-May-12
Israeli President Honors 120 Outstanding IDF Soldiers 2022-May-09
Hamas Is Behind the Ramadan Escalation2022-May-09
In Syria, Iranian Forces Fill Gaps Left by Ukraine-Bound Russians2022-April-28
Growing Integration and Prosperity for Israeli Arabs at Risk from Forces that Crave Victory over Jews2022-April-28
Arab Israeli Christians Debunk Myths about Jewish State2022-April-25
Laser Game-Changers in Middle Eastern Warfare 2022-April-21
Princeton's Caterpillar Referendum Overlooks Important Realities2022-April-14
Israel's Expanding "War between Wars" with Iran 2022-April-11
Palestinians Vandalize Joseph's Tomb in West Bank2022-April-11
ID: At Least 10 Terror Attacks Foiled in Past Two Weeks2022-April-07
Israel Sells Tank Ammunition to Sweden2022-April-07
Iran's Embrace of Missile Attacks on Foreign Targets2022-March-31
Why Israel's Iron Dome Won't Really Help Ukraine Against Russia 2022-March-24
Iran Is Exploiting the War in Ukraine to Strengthen Its Presence in Syria2022-March-14
The Lessons for Israel from Russia's War on Ukraine2022-March-03
Palestinian Killed while Hurling Firebombs at Israeli Cars2022-February-24
Impact of the Ukraine Crisis on Israel2022-February-24
Israel's New Strategy in a Post-American Middle East2022-February-24
Israeli Study Shows Oxygen Therapy Can Dramatically Reduce PTSD Symptoms2022-February-24
The Harvard Hummus Protests2022-February-14
An In-Depth Analysis of the Forces Driving the Israeli Arab Riots of May 20212022-February-10
Amnesty Tries to Distort My Arab Identity 2022-February-03
Turn on the Light, Extinguish the Fire: Israel's New Way of War2022-January-20
Israel Becomes Expert at Downing Hizbullah Drones 2022-January-10
Israel Warns Against Hizbullah Presence in Venezuela 2022-January-10
For the Love of Israel, We Need to Say: The Reform Movement Is Zionist2021-December-06
Israel Has "Free Rein" to Deal with Iran's Precision Weapons, Not Its Nuclear Program2021-December-02
Morocco Welcomes Israel's Defense Minister2021-December-02
Iran Tried to Smuggle Explosives from Syria to West Bank with Drones2021-November-25

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