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Institute for National Security Studies

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Yes to an Agreement that Distances Iran from the Bomb2013-September-30
The Burden of Proof Is on Iran2013-September-24
Why Iran Will Only Disarm under U.S. Military Pressure 2013-September-20
In Wake of Syria Deal, Kerry Emphasizes Iran2013-September-16
Israeli Official: PA Lacks Political Infrastructure for Peace Deal 2013-September-13
What Russia's Plan for Syrian Chemical Weapons Tells Iran2013-September-13
Israel Has an Interest in Strengthening the Ban on Use of Chemical Weapons2013-September-04
How Significant Is the Delay in a U.S. Strike on Syria?2013-September-03
A U.S. Attack on Syria: Implications for Israel 2013-September-02
U.S. Military Intervention in Syria2013-August-30
Iran Adapts to Economic Sanctions2013-August-23
Iran: What New Nuclear Opportunity?2013-August-23
Three Palestinian Identities Seen on Social Networks2013-August-16
Al-Qaeda: Vanquished or Strengthened? 2013-August-16
Iran's Plan B for the Bomb2013-August-09
Europe vs. Hizbullah's Military Wing 2013-July-26
No Agreement on Resumption of Israel-Palestinian Negotiations2013-July-25
Why the EU Blacklisted Hizbullah's Military Wing But Not Hizbullah Itself2013-July-24
The Revolution in Egypt: Recommendations for Israel 2013-July-12
Egypt's Revolution Strikes Back2013-July-05
Egyptian Discourse on Gaza2013-July-01
Jordan, Israel Weigh Gas Deal2013-June-26
Syrian Civil War Eroding Hizbullah's Forces2013-June-24
The Arab Awakening and the "Cascade" of Failing States2013-June-20
Lessons from the Iron Dome 2013-June-07
Civilian Casualties of a Military Strike in Iran 2013-June-05
Israel Speeding Up Development of Anti-Nuke Missile Defense2013-June-04
If it Comes to Force: A Credible Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Military Option Against Iran2013-June-03
Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done?2013-May-30
Is the U.S. Receding to a Containment Policy on Iran? 2013-May-27
Experts: Israeli Intervention in Syria's Civil War Unlikely 2013-May-24
Israeli Thinking on the Future of the Assad Regime2013-May-20
Russia Upgrades Position on Syria2013-May-17
After the Damascus Attack2013-May-13
Netanyahu's Visit to China 2013-May-03
The Failure of "Engagement" with Iran2013-April-29
Former IDF Military Intelligence Head: Iran Will Cross Nuclear "Red Line" by Summer2013-April-24
Israel Confirms Syria Used Chemical Weapons Against Civilians2013-April-23
Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Still Remote2013-April-19
Negotiations on Iran Are Failing 2013-April-12
U.S.-Israel Military Relations: An Israeli Perspective 2013-April-10
How Iran Could Get the Bomb Overnight2013-March-28
Immediate Impact on the Middle East of U.S. Budget Sequestration2013-March-11
Is Israel on the Verge of a Third Intifada?2013-March-06
Ex-IDF Military Intelligence Chief: Iran Strike "Is Not a War, This Is a One-Night Operation"2013-March-05
Plutonium: Iran's "Plan B" for a Nuclear Bomb2013-February-27
The End of the American Era in the Middle East?2013-February-19
Setting a Clear Red Line in Israel's Legal Narrative toward Iran2013-February-18
Syrian Weapons in Hizbullah Hands2013-February-15
In Jordan, People Want Evolution, Not Revolution2013-February-13

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