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David Makovsky

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Political Horizon: Enticing and Elusive2007-February-13
Carter's Book Is a Disservice to Peace 2006-December-14
The Energy Wall2006-December-01
When Bush Meets Olmert2006-November-10
U.S. Wary of Palestinian Unity Government Plan 2006-September-13
Palestinian Unity Government May Widen U.S.-EU Rift2006-September-12
Lessons and Consequences of the Israel-Hizballah War2006-September-06
Iran's Militia Mayhem2006-August-18
Lending a Helping Hand 2006-April-23
Pitfalls Await Quartet Plan to Aid Palestinians2006-April-15
Where to Draw the Line on International Assistance to the Palestinians?2006-March-03
Keep Up the Pressure on Hamas2006-February-03
Don't Make Exceptions for Hamas2006-January-24
Abbas's Missed Opportunities in Washington 2005-October-26
The Un-Arafat Comes Calling 2005-October-21
Toward a Quartet Position on Hamas: European Rules on Banning Political Parties2005-September-15
The Wrong Lesson from Gaza 2005-August-26
Risks and Rewards in Gaza2005-August-10
Arab States Must Do More to Help Palestinians2005-July-27
A Gaza Pull-Out Does Not Reward Terror 2005-June-22
Gaza: Moving Forward by Pulling Back2005-April-14
Assessing the Upcoming Bush-Sharon Summit: Clarifying Ambiguity2005-April-11
New Hope for the Holy Land 2005-March-23
A Multi-Pronged Strategy to Defeat Hamas2005-March-04
Israel's Newly Approved Security Fence Route: Geography and Demography2005-March-04
Abbas's Voice Resonates With Palestinians2005-January-12
Are All Politics Local? A Look at Palestinian Municipal Elections Results2004-December-29
Powell Still Popular with Jews2004-November-19
Arafat's Troubled Legacy2004-November-16
A Window of Opportunity2004-November-16
A Window of Opportunity2004-November-10
A Multifaceted Unilateralism 2004-October-22
Gaza Pullout Most "Gut-Wrenching" Move in Israel's History2004-September-24
Arafat Survives for Now, Amid Divided Fatah Opposition2004-August-10
Assessing the Current Challenge to Arafat2004-July-27
Fence Gives Israel Chance for Peace2004-July-14
Unilaterally Constructed Barriers in Contested Areas2004-July-09
Unilaterally Constructed Barriers in Contested Areas2004-June-09
The Bush-Sharon Relationship2004-June-08
The Bush-Sharon Relationship2004-June-07
A Fence That Makes Sense 2004-February-25
Israel's Sharon is Up to Something in Gaza. But What?2004-February-24
How to Build a Fence2004-February-11
Israel Quietly Helps U.S. in Iraq, Aides Say2003-December-12
Building Arab Democracy2003-November-18
The Next to Go: Arafat2003-April-14
Taba Mythchief2003-March-17
A Fence That Makes Sense2003-February-25
A Reward for Reform 2002-July-10
Jewish Leaders Praise "Historic" Bush Speech2002-June-25

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