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Center for Security Policy

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Mahmoud Abbas' "50 Holocausts" Remarks Are Part of the Palestinian Narrative2022-September-01
Does Biden's Israel Visit Signal New U.S. Resolve in the Middle East?2022-August-04
Does Iran Have Biological Weapons? 2022-July-14
As Biden Visits, Palestinians Reminded of Their Descent into Autocracy 2022-July-14
Georgia State Police in Israel for Two Weeks of Training2022-July-11
Twenty-Year Scars of the Second Intifada 2022-July-07
The Iran Nuclear Deal Is Losing Its Mojo 2022-May-26
Demonstrations Erupt across Iran amid a Sharp Rise in Food Prices2022-May-23
European Dependence on Russian Gas Revives Debate on EastMed Pipeline2022-March-17
Israel's New Strategy in a Post-American Middle East2022-February-24
An In-Depth Analysis of the Forces Driving the Israeli Arab Riots of May 20212022-February-10
Palestinian Authority Cracks Down on Opposition 2022-January-27
European Funding for Palestinian NGOs as Political Subcontracting2021-December-30
Algeria Confronts Europe and the West over Gas and the Western Sahara2021-November-15
U.S. Shifts Bases from Qatar to Jordan 2021-July-05
Hamas' Human Rights Violations in the 2021 Gaza War 2021-July-01
No Agreement is Better than Another Bad Agreement with Iran2021-March-29
Some Western Leaders "Divorced from Reality" on Palestinians, Iran2021-February-11
Pieces of U.S. Foreign Policy Worth Keeping 2021-February-01
A Return to the Nuclear Deal Would Be a Strategic Mistake 2021-January-28
Is J Street Misrepresenting Its Real Mission? 2021-January-11
The U.S. Deploys Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System2020-November-12
Palestinians View Israel's Normalization with Gulf States as Major Regional Shift 2020-October-15
The Abraham Accords May Herald New Security Structures for the Middle East2020-September-17
Moroccan Criticism of UAE Peace Deal Fades2020-August-31
Do UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon Do More Harm than Good? 2020-August-27
UNIFIL Is Not Fulfilling Its Mandate to Disarm Hizbullah 2020-August-13
Rethinking Pakistan's Rejection of Israel 2020-August-13
What We Know about the Blasts in Beirut2020-August-10
ISIS in Sinai: A Persistent Threat for Egypt2020-June-24
Mahmoud Abbas' Strategy of Selective Compliance2020-June-02
If Abbas Can Revoke Solemn Obligations over a Knesset Speech, of What Value Are Any Palestinian Commitments?2020-May-28
Israel, the EU, and International Law2020-May-27
How to Rescue Civil Discourse on Israel2020-May-15
Anti-Semitism and the Coronavirus 2020-April-28
New U.S. Law Allows Terror Victims to Sue PA 2020-April-24
Palestinians Protest U.S. Peace Plan at UN, But World Has Moved On2020-February-13
Video: The U.S. Peace Plan - A Changing Diplomatic Paradigm for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2020-February-10
U.S. Peace Plan a Return to Rabin's Doctrine of Defensible Borders2020-February-05
The Nuclear Deal with Iran Was a Charade Right from the Start2020-January-16
Israel Is Not Iran's Primary Concern2020-January-15
The Killing of Soleimani May Restrain Tehran's Aggression2020-January-10
Dissecting the U.S. Policy Shift on Jewish West Bank Communities 2020-January-09
Qasem Soleimani, Who Connected All the Dots in Iran's Strategy, Targeted in Baghdad2020-January-08
Could a Future U.S. Administration Undo the New Policy on Israeli Settlements? 2019-December-06
Iran's Transnational Terrorist Array: Tehran's Offensive Arsenal Against the U.S. and Its Allies 2019-November-27
U.S.-Israel Security Cooperation Is a Win-Win2019-November-08
The Impact on Iran of the Turkish Invasion in Syria2019-October-25
The Jihadi "Insider" Threat 2019-October-25
In Response to Iran's Expanding Attacks, Israel Is Approaching Iran's Borders 2019-September-02

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