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White House

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Trump Will Call for a Pentagon Plan to Hit ISIS Harder, Officials Say 2017-January-27
Trump Speaks with Egyptian President Sisi2017-January-24
U.S. vs. Iran: Going Beyond the JCPOA2017-January-24
Trump, Netanyahu Discuss Iran and Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process2017-January-23
Time to Reset Israel-U.S. Ties2017-January-20
The Trump Administration: A Turning Point in Middle East Policy?2017-January-20
The Obama Administration and U.S.-Israel Relations2017-January-18
It's Not about the Settlements, It's about the Terrorism2017-January-06
Restoring U.S.-Israel Meetings of the Mind2017-January-04
On Israel, an Exaggerated and Misguided Focus on Settlement Construction2016-December-30
Obama's Attack on Israel 2016-December-30
It's Not the Settlements 2016-December-29
Obama's Parting Betrayal of Israel2016-December-27
Israelis Were Wary of Post-Election "Kill Zone"2016-December-26
Dismantling America's Alliances2016-December-25
U.S. Declines to Veto UN Security Council Resolution for Israel to Stop Jewish Settlement Activity 2016-December-25
UN Postpones Sensitive Vote on Israel Settlements2016-December-23
White House Planned Parting Shot at Israel2016-December-23
Israelis Called Trump Only After Failing to Persuade Obama on UN Veto2016-December-23
The Challenge for the U.S. in Syria 2016-December-20
How to Build Middle East Peace: Why Bottom-Up Is Better than Top-Down 2016-December-16
Iran Races to Clinch Oil Deals Before Trump Takes Office 2016-December-09
Avoiding Mistakes in Middle East Peacemaking2016-December-06
Obama Directs Pentagon to Target Al-Qaeda Affiliate in Syria2016-November-11
Danon: Israel Has Real Friends in the U.S-2016-November-11
Is the U.S. Repeating Old Mistakes in the Middle East?2016-November-11
Trump and Israel, Now What?2016-November-10
Three U.S. Trainers Shot Dead at Jordan Base2016-November-07
Will Israel Face an Ambush at the UN after the U.S. Elections?2016-November-01
Iran Seeking "Many Billions of Dollars" in Ransom to Free U.S. Hostages2016-October-20
In What Country Is Shimon Peres Buried?2016-October-05
Shimon Peres, Israeli Statesman and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dies at 93 2016-September-28
Netanyahu: No Matter Who Wins U.S. Election, Israel Will Have a Friend in the White House2016-September-26
President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu Meet in New York2016-September-22
As Obama's Term Wanes, So Does Focus on Israeli-Palestinian Issue2016-September-22
Obama to UN: Palestinians Should Recognize the Legitimacy of Israel; Israel Should Recognize It Cannot Permanently Occupy Palestinian Land2016-September-21
Al-Aksa Mosque Preacher Calls on Allah to Blow Up Moscow, D.C.2016-September-19
U.S.-Israel Security Aid Agreement Prevents Congress from Giving Israel More Money in 2017 and 20182016-September-15
U.S.-Israel Aid Deal Held Up over Dispute with Congress2016-September-12
Iran Vessel Harasses U.S. Navy Ship in Persian Gulf 2016-September-07
White House Condemns Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons2016-August-25
Erdogan, Obama Discuss Extradition of Fethullah Gulen2016-July-20
Postcard from Israel2016-July-20
In Coup's Aftermath, New Rifts between U.S. and Turkey2016-July-19
U.S. Jewish Leaders Seek White House Apology for Dermer-Boris Johnson Comparison2016-July-18
The "Occupation" Ended 20 Years Ago2016-June-22
Saudis Waiting for a New U.S. Administration2016-June-17
U.S. to Guarantee Long-Term Missile Defense Aid2016-June-16
White House Opposes Proposed Increase in Military Aid for Israel2016-June-15
The Omani "Back Channel" to Iran and the Secrecy Surrounding the Nuclear Deal2016-June-10

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