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U.S. Base in Syria Counters Iran's Expansion 2018-October-23
White House Slams "Sick-Minded Terrorists" Flying Explosive Balloons into Israel 2018-October-22
U.S. Experts Call to Impose SWIFT Sanctions on Iran's Financial Sector 2018-October-17
U.S. Says IAEA Should Follow Up on Israeli Report of Secret Iranian Nuclear Warehouse2018-October-04
Trumo: After U.S. Embassy Move, "Israel Will Have to Do Something that Will Be Good for the Other Side"2018-September-27
Report: U.S. Freezes All PLO Bank Accounts2018-September-17
Netanyahu Asked U.S. to Cut Funding for UNRWA2018-September-03
Iran Signs Deal with Syria to Deepen Military Cooperation 2018-August-28
White House Denies Trump Set to Offer Glimpse of Mideast Peace Plan at UN2018-August-27
White House: U.S. to Present Limited Mideast Plan at UN2018-August-24
The White House Is Willing to Consider Israel's Case for the Golan Heights 2018-August-24
Trump: "We Never Should Have Been in the Middle East"2018-August-22
U.S. Deports Former Nazi Camp Guard to Germany2018-August-21
U.S. Wants to See Gaza Ceasefire "With or Without the Palestinian Authority" 2018-August-15
U.S. Hopes Aid Cuts Will Pressure Palestinians to Accept Peace Plan 2018-August-13
U.S. Targets UNRWA2018-August-06
U.S. Postpones Peace Plan Rollout until after November Elections2018-August-06
White House Mideast Team Staffing Up for Peace Plan Rollout2018-August-03
U.S. Seeks to Revive "Arab NATO" to Confront Iran 2018-August-01
Trump: Russia, U.S. Working Jointly to Create Safety for Israel2018-July-18
President Carter Originally Opposed Sadat's Visit to Israel 2018-July-12
Moderate Arab Nations May Back U.S. Peace Plan Despite PA Opposition2018-June-26
U.S. Peace Team Head: "The Global Community Is Getting Frustrated with Palestinian Leadership"2018-June-25
Trump's Palestinian Aid-for-Peace Moves Face Tough Challenges2018-June-22
U.S. Wants Gulf States to Invest $1 Billion in Gaza Economy2018-June-19
U.S. May Delay Rollout of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan 2018-June-15
"We Are an Honest Broker," Says U.S. Ambassador to Israel2018-May-24
White House Mulling Move Against Palestinian Mission over ICC Push2018-May-23
White House: Hamas to Blame for Gaza Violence, "A Gruesome, Unfortunate Propaganda Attempt"2018-May-15
U.S. Condemns Iranian Rocket Attacks Against Israel2018-May-11
Trump Says He'll Exit Iran Nuclear Deal and Reinstate Sanctions2018-May-09
U.S. Backs Israeli Claims on "New and Compelling" Evidence Against Iran2018-May-02
White House: Iran Deal Made on "False Pretense"2018-May-02
U.S. Officials Respond to Iran's Atomic Archive Revelation 2018-May-02
White House: Iran Had a Robust, Clandestine Nuclear Weapons Program2018-May-01
Trump: Iran Can't Be Allowed to Develop Nuclear Weapons2018-April-25
U.S. Embassy Move in Israel Emblematic of Broader Policy Shift2018-April-25
U.S. Dealing to Build an Arab Military Force in Syria2018-April-18
U.S. Considered Launching Syria Strikes Three Times Bigger2018-April-18
Trump Puts Off Syria Strike Decision, Saying He Will Talk to Allies2018-April-13
An Emerging Arab-Israeli Thaw 2018-April-05
Saudi Crown Prince Meets with Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt about Peace Plan2018-March-21
Abbas Burning All Bridges, Shooting in All Directions2018-March-20
McMaster: All Responsible Nations Must Counter Iran's Destabilizing Activities in Syria2018-March-16
Official Palestinian Policy Is Now Resolute Rejection2018-March-16
White House Hosts Meeting on Gaza without Palestinians2018-March-14
Greenblatt: Hamas Bears Responsibility for Gaza's Suffering2018-March-14
Trump Told Netanyahu U.S. Will Pull Out of Iran Deal If Big Changes Not Made2018-March-12
Palestinian Authority Rejects U.S. Invitation to Humanitarian Summit on Gaza2018-March-12
Jerusalem Safe Enough to Move U.S. Embassy There, City's Mayor Tells Congress2018-March-07

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