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White House

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No Mideast Deal Under Bush, White House Says 2008-November-07
Iran's Youths Would Back Obama over Ahmadinejad 2008-November-07
Neither Israelis Nor Palestinians Expecting a Major Obama Effect2008-November-06
U.S. Condemns Jailing of Syrian Dissidents 2008-October-31
Petraeus Proposed Visiting Syria, Bush Administration Said No 2008-October-31
U.S. Takes to Air to Hit Islamic Militants Inside Pakistan 2008-October-27
Financial Crisis Seen Dooming Mideast Accord 2008-October-13
The Future of U.S. Military Aid to Lebanon 2008-October-06
LBJ - A Friend in Deed2008-September-10
New U.S. Covert Techniques, Not Surge, Responsible for Success in Iraq 2008-September-05
An American Base on Israeli Territory? 2008-August-28
The Future of U.S. Assistance to Egypt 2008-August-22
Iran Reports Test of Craft Able to Carry a Satellite 2008-August-18
Bush Expresses Appreciation to Departing Prime Minister 2008-August-01
Iran Claims It Has 6,000 Centrifuges for Uranium Enrichment 2008-July-28
U.S. Officials Condemn Iran's Missile Test2008-July-10
Plans for Middle East Peace Made without U.S. Help 2008-June-20
Why Iran Will Get Nuclear Weapons 2008-June-17
Abbas' Misbegotten Peace Bid to Hamas 2008-June-11
Bush Meets Olmert, Calls Iran "Threat to Peace" 2008-June-05
Jimmy Carter and Nuclear Exposure2008-May-28
U.S., Saudi Arabia, Egypt Blame Hizbullah2008-May-09
Bush Has "No Illusions" on Mideast Breakthrough2008-April-29
White House Had Extensive Discussions with Israel Before Airstrike on Syrian Reactor2008-April-25
Bush Tells Palestinian Leader Peace Is Possible2008-April-25
Syria's Covert Nuclear Activities2008-April-25
Video Links North Koreans to Syrian Reactor2008-April-24
Bush's Mideast Peace Hopes2008-April-24
Middle East Talks in Moscow Get Scant Support2008-April-23
The Trouble with Talking to Hamas 2008-April-10
The Palestinian Refugee Issue: Rhetoric vs. Reality2008-April-02
Hamas TV Shows Child Stabbing President Bush, White House Turned into Mosque2008-April-01
Rice Returns to Her Mideast Treadmill2008-April-01
U.S. Targets Terrorist in Somalia Wanted for Attacks on Embassies, Israelis2008-March-05
White House Faults Hamas in Gaza Violence2008-March-04
UN Imposes New Sanctions on Iran2008-March-04
U.S. Calls for End to Middle East Violence 2008-March-03
Red Alert in Sderot: Living in the Most Heavily Bombarded Place in the World2008-February-22
Saudis Let Go Terrorist Mughniyeh in 1996 Despite U.S. President's Pleas2008-February-15
U.S. Welcomes Death of Hizbullah Commander2008-February-14
U.S. Expands Sanctions on Syria2008-February-14
Bush to Iran: Come Clean on Nukes, Cease Support for Terror2008-January-29
U.S. Blames Hamas for Gaza "Chaos"2008-January-24
U.S.: Israel "Defending Itself" with Gaza Blockade2008-January-24
Bush: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement Must Ensure "Defensible Borders" for Israel2008-January-11
Bush Names General to Monitor Mideast Roadmap2008-January-11
Bush to Palestinians: Break from the Past, Redefine the Future2008-January-11
Security and Skepticism for Bush in Ramallah2008-January-11
Bush in Israel: Palestinian State Cannot Be Launching Pad for Terrorists2008-January-10
No Great Miracle During Bush's Visit2008-January-10

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