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White House

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The End of Fayyadism 2011-December-16
Why Netanyahu Can't "Get to the Damn Table"2011-December-16
White House Distances Itself from U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Following Comments2011-December-05
It Depends on Your Definition of "Peace" 2011-December-02
U.S. Urges Egypt's Military to Yield Power2011-November-28
Israel Warns the U.S. Not to Weaken Egypt's Gen. Tantawi2011-November-28
U.S.: Iran Facing "Unprecedented" Isolation over Nuclear Program2011-November-21
Obama's Mideast Envoy Dennis Ross to Resign2011-November-11
U.S. Says Assad Must Go2011-November-03
Reining in Abbas 2011-October-19
The One-Way War2011-October-17
Why Would the Iranians Undertake Such a Risky Operation?2011-October-14
What Iran's Terror Plot Tells Us 2011-October-12
Obama's Speech at UN Should Not Have Been a Surprise2011-October-04
Obama to UN: Any Agreement Must Assure Israel's Security2011-September-22
Al-Hayat: U.S.-Palestinian Ties Strained over Statehood Campaign 2011-September-19
U.S. Diplomatic Efforts Unable to Derail Palestinians' UN Gambit2011-September-09
For Yasser Arafat, Crime Certainly Paid2011-September-02
Why Assad Need Not Fear Gaddafi's Fate2011-August-24
Assad's End2011-August-23
Syria Kills at Least 150 on Sunday2011-August-01
The U.S. and Syria: A Tale of Two Embassies 2011-July-22
Why Is Obama So Tough on Israel and Timid on Syria?2011-June-20
White House Seeks Israeli Agreement to Negotiate on 1967 Lines 2011-June-13
Obama to Palestinians: Drop UN Statehood Bid2011-June-09
White House Adds "Israel Security" Page to Its Website2011-June-06
Obama's Commitment to Israel2011-June-03
Obama to Palestinians: The UN Route Is a Mistake2011-May-26
Democrats Join Republicans in Questioning Obama's Policy on Israel2011-May-25
U.S.: Hamas Must Recognize Israel's Right to Exist2011-May-25
Obama's Land Swap Surprise2011-May-24
President Obama Meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House2011-May-23
Obama's Peace Tack Contrasts with Key Aide, Friend of Israel2011-May-23
Obama's Mideast Peace Gaffe2011-May-20
Peace Negotiations Now Are Simply Unrealistic 2011-May-20
Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking Starts with Borders and Security2011-May-20
Netanyahu Responds Icily to Obama Remarks2011-May-20
Focus Is on Obama as Tensions Soar Across Mideast: 1967 Lines Under Consideration by Administration2011-May-19
Assad's Endgame: Can a Bloodbath Be Avoided?2011-May-18
Obama: Mideast Peace "More Vital than Ever"2011-May-18
White House Denies Draft of Obama Speech Was Leaked2011-May-18
U.S. Accuses Syria of Inciting Israel Border Clashes2011-May-17
Israeli Leader's Upcoming U.S. Trip Loses Steam 2011-May-17
America's Chief Middle East Envoy Resigns 2011-May-16
Obama's Foreign Policy Speech Won't Focus on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks2011-May-16
President Obama to Renew Muslim Outreach2011-May-12
New U.S. Account Says Bin Laden Was Unarmed During Raid 2011-May-04
Vindicating Israel: "Palileaks" Corroborates Israel's Narrative on Past PA Talks 2011-May-03
Fatah and Hamas End Feud, Agree to Interim Government 2011-April-28
Mohammed Says He Beheaded U.S. Reporter Despite Warnings2011-April-27

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