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White House

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Chill Out, John Kerry 2013-February-08
Bombing the Syrian Reactor: The Untold Story 2013-February-08
White House: Obama Won't Introduce New Peace Plan During Israel Visit2013-February-07
White House Rebuffed Clinton-Petraeus Plan to Arm Syrian Rebels2013-February-04
Washington Warns Syria Not to Transfer Weapons to Hizbullah2013-February-01
Hizbullah and the Qods Force in Iran's Shadow War with the West2013-January-31
Ehud Barak: U.S. Could Strike Iran to Block Nuclear Progress2013-January-28
U.S. Renews Call for Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Talks2013-January-24
Does Obama Know Better than Israel What Its Interests Are?2013-January-17
U.S. Criticizes Egypt's Leader for Anti-Semitic Remarks2013-January-16
White House Won't Confirm or Deny Quotes Attributed to President2013-January-16
The Meaning of Hagel2013-January-11
White House Working to Shape Iran Sanctions2012-December-14
Syrian Rebels Defy U.S., Pledge Allegiance to Jihadi Group 2012-December-11
White House Opposed to New Iran Sanctions2012-December-03
Obama: U.S. to Intensify Efforts to Halt Weapons Smuggling to Gaza2012-November-22
Clinton to Visit Middle East in Move to Defuse Gaza Conflict2012-November-20
President Obama: "No Country on Earth Would Tolerate Missiles Raining Down on Its Citizens"2012-November-19
White House: Israel Has Right to Defend Itself2012-November-18
Netanyahu Updates Obama on Friday2012-November-18
Israeli Airstrike Kills Hamas Commander 2012-November-15
Israeli Official at White House for Syria, Iran Talks2012-November-13
Obama Asks Palestinians to Back Off Statehood Push2012-November-12
Israeli App Waze Helped FEMA Deliver the Gas after Hurricane Sandy2012-November-09
U.S. Urges Europe to Label Hizbullah a Terrorist Group2012-October-29
The Meaning of Benghazi for Israel and the Middle East2012-October-19
Iran Hostage Crisis Insider Reviews Hollywood Thriller "Argo"2012-October-17
Defining Red Lines on Iran and Clearing the Air with Washington 2012-October-02
Obama at UN: "A Nuclear-Armed Iran Is Not a Challenge that Can Be Contained"2012-September-27
Egypt's New Leader Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties2012-September-24
The Video Didn't Do It2012-September-19
Can "Innocence of Muslims" Trailer Really Be that Potent? 2012-September-19
Arabs Sense Weakness2012-September-19
Obama: Egypt Neither Enemy Nor Ally2012-September-14
Spotlight Is on Libya, but Bigger Challenge for White House May Lie in Egypt2012-September-13
Netanyahu's Anxiety Is Not Unreasonable2012-September-12
White House: Obama, Netanyahu Agree on Blocking Iran Nuclear Program2012-September-12
Bridging the U.S.-Israeli Gap on Iran2012-September-10
The Silent Strike: How Israel Bombed a Syrian Nuclear Installation and Kept It Secret 2012-September-10
Answers to Questions about Iran, Israel, Bibi and Obama2012-September-05
U.S. Denies Report of Secret Iran Contacts2012-September-04
To Calm Israel, U.S. Offers Ways to Restrain Iran 2012-September-03
No American Leader Will Ever Attack Iran2012-August-23
Netanyahu to Cairo: Remove Egyptian Tanks from Sinai2012-August-21
Are Israel's Iran Threats Intended to Push the World into Action? 2012-August-17
Report: Israel Will Have to Tackle Iran Alone2012-August-13
U.S. Still Believes Iran Not on Verge of Nuclear Weapon2012-August-10
Report: Iran Approaching Immunity Zone2012-August-10
White House: We Agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu that the Iranian Regime Has to Abandon Its Nuclear Weapons Ambitions2012-August-02
Obama Authorizes Secret U.S. Support for Syrian Rebels 2012-August-02

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