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Most of Syria's Toxins Can Be Destroyed More Easily than Initially Thought 2013-September-27
Can Rouhani or Obama Deliver on any Deal? 2013-September-27
Obama to UN: "We Will Not Tolerate the Development or Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction"2013-September-25
Rouhani Declines to Meet Obama at UN2013-September-25
Playing by Iran's Rules2013-September-24
As It Makes Overtures to Iran, U.S. Strives to Reassure Israel2013-September-23
Both Opportunity and Peril over Iran2013-September-23
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Warns of Dealing with U.S.2013-September-23
The Oslo Accords: 20 Years Later 2013-September-20
White House: Obama to Host Netanyahu on September 302013-September-18
U.S. Ties in Persian Gulf at Risk as Obama Allows Space for Russian-Syrian Plan2013-September-12
President Obama Addresses the American People on Syria2013-September-11
Obama: I Will Ask for Congressional Approval before Syria Strike2013-September-02
U.S.: Assad Chemical Weapons Attack Killed 1,429 People Including 426 Children2013-September-02
Obama Set for Limited Strike on Syria Despite British Vote 2013-August-30
Obama Officials Weigh Response to Syria Assault 2013-August-23
U.S. Condemns Erdogan's Comments on Israel, Egypt2013-August-21
Obama Condemns Egypt's Government and Security Forces for Violence Against Civilians2013-August-16
Kerry Briefs U.S. Jewish Leaders on Peace Talks2013-August-09
Senators Urges Obama to Step Up Iran Sanctions2013-August-05
Obama Meets Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators at White House 2013-July-31
U.S. Pushed Peace Talks to Avoid Israeli-Palestinian "Train Wreck" at UN, Says White House Official2013-July-31
Palestinians, Israelis Play Down Chances of Imminent Talks2013-July-23
Road to Damascus Runs Through Tehran2013-July-19
U.S., Citing Use of Chemical Weapons by Syria, to Provide Direct Military Support to Rebels2013-June-14
U.S. to Arm Syrian Rebels2013-June-14
Israel To Seek U.S.-Backed Loan for Mega Arms Deal. Are Strings Attached?2013-June-14
White House Condemns Hizbullah Role in Syria2013-May-22
U.S. Decries Russia Weapons Sale to Syria2013-May-20
White House: Assad Regime Behind Chemical Weapons Use 2013-May-07
Obama and Netanyahu's New Red Line on Iran2013-May-06
What Drone Critics Get Wrong2013-May-03
U.S. Weighs Syria Response2013-April-29
Lessons of the Syrian Reactor 2013-April-26
White House: U.S. Believes Syrian Regime Used Chemical Weapons 2013-April-26
Kerry Presses Turks on Rapprochement with Israel2013-April-22
Erdogan to Delay Gaza Trip until after Meeting with Obama 2013-April-10
Israelis and Palestinians Deserve to Be Free in a Land of Their Own 2013-March-22
Obama in Jerusalem: "The Security of Israel is Non-Negotiable" 2013-March-21
White House Lowers Expectations Ahead of Obama's Trip to Israel2013-March-18
Video: Previewing Obama's Visit to Israel 2013-March-18
Obama Tells U.S. Jewish Leaders There Will Be No "Grand Peace Plan" during Israel Trip2013-March-08
White House Names Philip Gordon New Coordinator for Middle East, Persian Gulf2013-March-04
Palestinians Warn on Possible Obama Visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem2013-March-01
As America's Credibility Wanes, Iran Upgrades Its Nuclear Capacity2013-February-14
Obama: U.S. Will Lead Effort Against Nuclear Proliferation2013-February-13
Obama's Trip to Jerusalem and the "Peace Process"2013-February-13
The Ayatollah Always Says No2013-February-11
Israel: "We're Delighted that Obama's Coming"2013-February-08
Obama's Israel Trip Is Not about Middle East Peace 2013-February-08

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