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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Israel's Gulf Breakthrough2015-December-01
ISIS Still Has Access to International Financial System2015-November-24
Poll: Palestinians Want to Work in Israel Now, "Liberate" It Later2015-November-20
How Do ISIS Terrorists Finance Their Attacks? 2015-November-19
Envisioning How Global Powers Can Smash ISIS 2015-November-18
Unfinished Business from the Iran Nuclear Debate2015-November-06
What Do Palestinians Want?2015-November-05
Russia in Southern Syria: Israeli and Jordanian Concerns2015-November-02
U.S. Sends "Message" to Abbas with $80 Million Aid Cut2015-October-23
Words Have Consequences: Palestinian Authority Incitement to Violence2015-October-23
Distancing from Israel Won't Help U.S. Relationship with Arab States2015-October-16
Why Is Jaffa Being Attacked?2015-October-09
Putin and the Shiite "Axis of Resistance"2015-October-09
Why Israel Should Be Worried about Russia's Role in Syria2015-October-09
Replacing Hamas: Iran's New Proxy Militia in Gaza 2015-October-02
Russia Buildup Seen as Fanning Flames in Syria 2015-September-30
Latakia Is Assad's Achilles Heel 2015-September-24
The Next Iran Legislative Challenge 2015-September-16
It's Time for Congress to Come Together on Iran 2015-September-11
Russia's Declining Military Capabilities2015-September-10
Expanded Syria Presence Would Carry Big Risks for Russia2015-September-10
New Poll Shows Why Palestinians Have No Interest in Peace2015-September-09
Russian S-300 Missiles to Iran: A Game-Changer? 2015-September-04
Palestinian Views on Israel: Two States Now, One State Later 2015-September-04
How the Iran Deal Could Complicate U.S. Efforts to Prevent a Nuclear Breakout2015-September-01
Abbas Heats Up Palestinian Politics in PLO Reshuffle Bid 2015-August-28
Securing the Sinai Multinational Force without a U.S. Drawdown2015-August-28
Questions for President Obama about Iran2015-August-28
What Happens If Congress Says No to the Iran Deal?2015-August-19
Poll: Palestinians Support Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad 2015-August-13
A "No" Vote on the Iran Nuclear Agreement May Have Limited Practical Impact2015-August-11
How Iran Plans to Destroy Israel2015-August-11
Implications of the Iran Agreement for U.S. Policy in the Middle East2015-August-07
New eBook: Winning the War of Words - Essays on Zionism and Israel2015-August-07
Assessing the Iran Nuclear Agreement2015-August-05
Mounting Shiite Casualties in Syria 2015-August-04
Poll: Palestinians Say Even After Two-State Solution, Resistance Should Continue Until All of Historic Palestine Is Liberated 2015-August-03
Israel Confronts the Iran Nuclear Deal 2015-July-31
U.S. and Israel Must Continue to Cooperate on Security and Intelligence2015-July-30
How Regional Intervention Is Transforming Hizbullah 2015-July-28
The Risk in Lifting Sanctions, and Pressure, on Iran Weapons Activities2015-July-22
Inside Hizbullah's European Plots2015-July-21
Iran Media Warn Against Optimism in Wake of Deal2015-July-17
We Should Not Let Euphoria about the Iran Nuclear Deal Cloud Our Judgment2015-July-17
Iran Nuclear Deal Leaves Big Questions2015-July-15
Missiles and the Nuclear Negotiations with Iran 2015-July-07
The Palestinian Case Against BDS2015-July-03
Can We Trust How Iran Would Spend Funds from a Nuclear Deal?2015-July-01
How to Salvage Some Security from the Botched Iran Deal2015-July-01
Bipartisan Statement on U.S. Policy toward the Iran Nuclear Negotiations2015-June-25

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