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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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Saudi Arabia's Diplomatic Dance with Israel2016-July-26
Troubling Forces Unleashed in Turkey2016-July-25
The Islamic State Threat in the Golan Heights2016-July-15
Iran's Support for Terrorism under the Iran Deal2016-July-12
Holding Arab Culture Accountable2016-July-11
Iran Sees Modest Economic Progress after Nuclear Deal 2016-July-08
Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Barriers to Peace2016-July-08
Sending Iran the Right Deterrent Signals2016-July-07
One Year after the Iran Deal: Sinking Confidence in the U.S. Balancing Role2016-July-06
Why ISIS Attacked Turkey 2016-July-01
Terrorist Spillover in Jordan2016-June-24
To Defeat ISIS, We Must Take the Iranian Threat Seriously 2016-June-22
Former U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta: Obama Questioned Necessity of Israel's Qualitative Military Edge2016-June-21
Saudis Waiting for a New U.S. Administration2016-June-17
Egypt's Nuclear Project: An Expensive Solution to a Nonexistent Problem2016-June-17
Hizbullah under Fire in Syria 2016-June-13
The Maturing of Israeli-Russian Relations 2016-June-10
Any International Effort to Impose a Solution on Israel Will Lack Balance2016-June-01
The Southern Front in Syria 2016-May-27
The Islamic State Is Targeting Syria's Alawite Heartland - and Russia2016-May-26
Iran's New Assembly Chair2016-May-25
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Morph into an Expeditionary Force 2016-May-13
The Israel that Arabs Don't Know2016-May-09
Leave Root Causes Aside - Destroy the ISIS "State"2016-May-06
One Year After the Nuclear Deal: Is Iran Moderating? 2016-May-03
Misleading Claims about U.S. Barriers to Iran-Europe Financial Ties2016-April-28
Hizbullah Develops New Skills in Syria, Posing Challenges for Israel2016-April-28
U.S. Shifts Troops in Sinai after Attacks by Islamic Militants2016-April-26
The Maturing of Israeli-Russian Relations2016-April-22
Iran's Behavior Continues to Make It a Pariah State2016-April-19
The Israeli Angle to the Saudi-Egyptian Island Deal 2016-April-18
Iran Locks Itself Out of the International Financial System While Blaming Washington2016-April-06
Theology in Foreign Policy: ISIS in Context2016-March-30
A Safe Haven for Terrorists in Brussels 2016-March-29
In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State Is In Retreat on Multiple Fronts 2016-March-25
Islamic State Terrorism Is "Going Global"2016-March-25
Hizbullah's Growing Threat Against U.S. National Security Interests in the Middle East2016-March-24
Khamenei Intensifies His Anti-Americanism 2016-March-22
Debating an Increase in U.S. Military Aid to Israel 2016-March-16
Iranian Casualties in Syria2016-March-15
The Nuclear Deal Hasn't Softened Iran's Hard-Line Policies2016-March-08
Iran's Long Road to Reintegrating with the World Financial System2016-March-07
Will the PA Ever Be Economically Viable? 2016-March-04
Polls Show Most Muslims Reject Both Extremism and Islamic Reform2016-February-26
Hizbullah Fatalities in the Syrian War2016-February-24
Iran "Foreign Legion" Leads Battle in Syria's North 2016-February-17
The Shift in Saudi Foreign Policy 2016-February-11
What Vladimir Putin Is Really Up To in Syria2016-February-10
A Defense of the U.S.-Saudi Relationship 2016-January-29
The Islamic State Comes to Russia 2016-January-29

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